How Does An Air Conditioner Work? | Air Conditioner Installation in Katy, TX

How Does An Air Conditioner Work? | Air Conditioner Installation in Katy, TX

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Have you ever looked at an air conditioner vent and reveled in the sweet cool breeze? Have you then paused and thought, “Where is this air coming from? How does the air conditioner cool the room? Where is all the heat and humidity going? What sorcery is this?”

Everyone wonders this from time to time. Inventions like air conditioners may a part of our daily life but we often do not really understand how they work. If you ever wondered about the cooling process of an air conditioner or if you are looking for air conditioner installation in Katy, TX, you have come to the right place.

This article is a one-stop guide for all your burning questions regarding air conditioners and cooling.

The knowledge can be useful for anyone, from a passerby curious about their office air conditioning vents to home owners who are looking for air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.


What is an Air Conditioner?

You may have seen air conditioners around town. You have them in your offices, malls, hotels and hospitals. You may even have them in your homes. But have you ever really pinned down what an air conditioner actually is?

Fear not, here’s the answer: an air conditioner is a machine unit for the control of ventilation, temperature and humidity in an indoor environment.

The air conditioner cools and ventilates the air in a room, vehicle or overall home and lowers the temperature of a room as a result.

The air expelled indoors is less humid, clean and cool and allows you to be comfortable indoors in hotter climates and months.

People often get air conditioner installation in Katy, TX in the form of single air conditioning units for individual rooms or as central air conditioning units for entire buildings or homes.

Since cooling season is upon us, you are advised to get air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.

Why Should You Know How an Air Conditioner Works?

You should know how an air conditioner works especially if you are going to avail air conditioner installation in Katy, TX. If you are going to select, purchase and then install an air conditioning device, you should know how it works.

Having this knowledge will make you more aware of different product functions, options and quality. You will have an idea of what servicemen are doing when they are installing the product and you will be able to better judge the quality of the product as well as the installation service.

If your air conditioner installation in Katy, TX, is incorrect you will be able to identify it by noticing any faults in the air conditioner’s overall functioning.

If you are already an owner of an air conditioning unit, whether individual or central, you will do well to gain knowledge of its functioning.

You can then determine the quality of the air conditioner’s performance and identify problems. You will then be able to contact maintenance services for repairs, if needed.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

To be able to identify air conditioning quality and maintenance problems, you need to know how air conditioners work first before you think about air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.

The first thing you should be aware of is that the air conditioner uses a chemical process to take the hot and humid air indoors and expels it outdoors. This occurs through commercials performing the conversion of gas (i.e. the hot air) to liquids.

Your air conditioner works through three essential parts. The air conditioner has the compressor and condenser in its outdoors section and the evaporator in the indoors section.

The compressor puts pressure on a cooling fluid turned low-pressure gas to compress the liquid molecules, increasing their temperature.

The working fluid converts into a high-pressure gas component as it slides into the condenser part of the air conditioning unit outside the room. The air conditioning unit has external metal fins on its outside. The fins lead to heat dispersal and as the fluid leaves the condenser, the fluid is cool.

This cool fluid now goes back to the evaporator through a passage. As it travels, the pressure on the liquid decreases and the fluid begins evaporate into a gas.

Heat is exchanged with the surrounding air as a refrigerant leaves the evaporator sections as a chilled, low-pressure gas before going back to the compressor.

A fan in the evaporator circulates air indoors and the air conditioner pulls air into ducts through a vent. Ducts then blow back cooled air into the indoor atmosphere.

All of these processes need to be checked and assured upon air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.

Thus if you are looking to get air conditioner installation in Katy, TX, or are having maintenance issues, you can make better educated guesses and discuss the possible problems with a trained electrician or serviceman.


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