HVAC Condensate Drain | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

HVAC Condensate Drain | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

During the process of cooling, humidityis extracted from the air, resulting in water droplets forming on the evaporatorcoil which fall into the condensate pan, located underneath the coil. The watercollecting in the condensate pan exits through the HVAC condensate drain and outside the home or into the sewer pipe.When the drain becomes clogged, the liquid in the pan can build up andoverflow, placing your home at risk for damage to its structure and foundation.When the condensate drain is clogged, Contact Cypress Heating and AirConditioning for air conditioning repairin Plano, TX.

How it clogs

The moisture present in the condensatepan can lead to the growth of algae, which favors dark, damp conditions. Thealgae and potentially debris from dust and other materials can clog thecondensate drain, leading to the pan overflowing. A clogged condensate pan canalso cause the following problems:

·      Water damage to the home

·      Overflow of the condensate pan creates idealconditions for the growth of disease causing organisms including mold andmildew

·      Can potentially cause a fire when the waterdrips onto electrical components

·      Elevated humidity in the home

·      Musty odors


Scheduling annual air conditioning maintenance will include an inspection of theevaporative drain line, with the cleaning provided when necessary. It is alsoan excellent means of ensuring the best energy efficiency, peak performance,and of extending the life span of your airconditioner. Scheduling annual AC maintenance can prevent the need forunnecessary air conditioning repair inPlano, TX, including evaporative drain cleaning when a clog causes damagingoverflow.

Mold Growth

Mold spores are naturally in the airaround us. Airborne spores are pulled through the return air duct where wet anddark conditions are ideal for mold to develop. Once mold develops, the sporesare easily dispersed throughout the home via the ducts.

In addition, the development of mold originatingin the condensate drain often expands into the evaporator coil as well,obstructing the system’s airflow, and affecting its performance. Mold canworsen the health of those with chronic respiratory illness, allergies orasthma. However, mold can cause illness in even those who lack any healthproblems, and the consequences may be permanent. Annual maintenance andcleaning of the condensate drain will assist in preventing illness due to mold.

Prevent Water Damage with a Float Switch

Preventing water damage from a cloggedcondensate drain is as simple as having your HVAC technician install a floatswitch. A float switch detects the back up of water due to a clogged condensateline and shuts the air conditioner down, preventing it from producing furtherwater. A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technician can provide the installation during yournext maintenance visit, or when you call for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Contact Cypress Heating and AirConditioning to schedule AC maintenance, heating and air conditioning installation, or air conditioning repair in Plano, TX. Our NATE certified HVAC technicians ensure you receive thebest-trained and experienced technician to provide air conditioning repair in Plano, TX on your HVAC condensate drain, or other HVAC needs. We serve Katy, Planoand the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.