HVAC Thermostat | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

HVAC Thermostat | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

HVAC Thermostat | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Thermostat Upgrades Improve Performance and Efficiency

You can have an HVAC system featuring the highest technology and performance available, but without the appropriate thermostat, and a functional one, you will receive reduced performance and comfort. In fact, a faulty HVAC thermostat can cause issues with your system, giving the appearance of the need for heating and air conditioning repair in Katy. The thermostat controls your system, and when it is in need of calibration or replacement, you can expect to see issues such as running too long, or not cutting on when it should. It may even fail to start the system at all.

Thermostat Miscalibration Costs Money

A miscalibrated thermostat reads indoor temperatures incorrectly. Consequently, it will incorrectly control the system. These miscalibrations have the potential to increase the energy bill significantly, and create discomfort in your home. If you suspect your thermostat needs repair or replacement, or that your system has a problem, contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional for heating and air conditioning repair in Katy.

Improperly Located Thermostats

A thermostat is ideally placed in a central location of the home away from direct sunlight and drafts. When improperly located, the thermostat will read higher or lower temperatures than it should, and this will make the system run when it shouldn’t. An improperly located thermostat will need to be relocated. 

Replacing an Outdated Thermostat

All thermostats will eventually require replacement. Thermostats that use sliders or dials are outdated and inaccurate. Upgrading to even a basic digital thermostat will improve the system’s performance and efficiency. A programmable thermostat can provide even greater savings due to the variety of features some models offer. These features result in significant savings, while extending the lifespan of your home’s heating and air conditioning system.  

Programmable thermostats enable you to provide a comfortable home without wasting energy, or creating unnecessary wear that can result in increased heating and air conditioning repair in Katy. A programmable thermostat enables you to program the temperature you want at different times. For example, you can program the thermostat to warm the home just before you get up in the morning. It can also lower the temperature while all occupants are away to work and school, and warm the house just before you arrive. You can select a thermostat with a vacation function while you are away. 

At the top of system control and home convenience are the new smart thermostats. Some are “learning thermostats” able to develop a schedule based on the settings you provide in the first weeks. 

Others you program yourself for immediate control over the homes environment. While features and functions vary according to brand and model, other feature examples include the ability to work with humidification and dehumidification systems, lights and security systems, to name a few. Furthermore, the WIFI capability of some programmable thermostats enables you to make changes remotely. If you would like new thermostat installation, or need other heating and air conditioning repair in Katy, give our certified professionals a call.

Upgrading your home’s HVAC thermostat will maximize your comfort and energy savings without further effort from you. If you would like to learn more about Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s heating services in Katy give us a call. Our certified technicians provide installation, maintenance, heating and air conditioning repair in Katy, and emergency services for all of your residential or commercial HVAC needs. We are available 24/7 for your convenience. Our service area includes Katy, Plano, and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.