HVAC Thermostat Location

HVAC Thermostat Location

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Thermostat Location

Correct thermostat location is a consideration that few homeowners ever think about or suspect they may have a reason to do so. Sadly, many HVAC contractors are asleep at the wheel or never attended that class at all.

The thermostat placement is an important part of a properly installed heating and air conditioning system. When located improperly, the thermostat will run too often, not often enough or doesn’t run at all.

The most common mistakes made in thermostat placement are as follows.

  • The thermostat is not located in or near the center of the home. For a system that uses a single thermostat, the location with an average temperature of the home is desired; this is generally in the center of the home. When the location deviates from the center uneven heating and cooling will occur.
  • The thermostat is located near drafts. When a thermostat is placed near windows or glass patio doors or any similar location the thermostat will obtain inaccurate readings. The same applies if the thermostat is located in the path of air blowing from registers. The lower temperatures surrounding windows and glass doors will cause the thermostat to run too often. In the winter it is in a colder location, and in the summer it is likely located in a warmer location, especially when the sun heats the area up. Air from vents can ‘trick’ the thermostat into thinking it is warmer or colder than it really is when heated or cooled air strikes it.
  • If sunlight directly strikes the thermostat it will cause it to cut off prematurely in the winter and to cut on prematurely in the summer.
  • An additional situation that would cause the thermostat to trigger improper operation would be to locate it on an un-insulated exterior wall which would cause it to run more than may be required in the winter due to the reduced temperature of the wall.

Thermostats, like anything else will wear out and become increasingly inaccurate over time triggering on operation or cut off at inappropriate times. It is also possible to have the wrong thermostat for your heating and air conditioning system resulting in poor performance and uneven temperatures. Ask your HVAC technician to ensure that you have the correct thermostat, in the correct location for your system.

Troubleshooting a Thermostat

Turn the manual control for fan on. If it begins to run power is being provided to the thermostat. Ensure that the desired heating or cooling is in the on position. If the thermostat has been turned to off for heating and cooling neither will run. Check your electrical service box for breakers in the off position. If any, switch them back to the on position.

If the thermostat is wireless, try changing the batteries and ensure it has the correct batteries, AA Lithium.

If the fan still will not come on contact your heating and air conditioning technician.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning services, repairs and installs thermostats. If you suspect you have a faulty thermostat, or other heating and air conditioning problem give our prompt technicians a call for prompt, efficient service.