HVAC Warranty | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, Texas

HVAC Warranty | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, Texas

HVAC Warranty | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, Texas

Avoiding the Mistakes that Can Void a Warranty

Although quality HVAC systems are manufactured to be reliable and long lasting, occasionally a problem may occur while the system is under warranty. In the rare event when this occurs, you will be thankful for the warranty, and will want to ensure it will be honored by the manufacturer. The following are common mistakes which can void your manufacturer’s warranty, and leaving you footing the bill for heating or air conditioning repair in Plano, Texas.

Register the Warranty

Registration is important for future warranty coverage of the HVAC system. Depending upon the manufacturer, the failure to register the warranty can result in either voiding the warranty or in a reduced coverage period. In almost all cases, you can usually register online. Print a copy of the confirmation for your records.

Use of Other Brands of Parts

The manufacturer may require its brand name parts to be used in the event of heating or air conditioning repair in Plano, Texas. This is due to their intensive testing of their own parts, and not others. They will view replacement with other brand parts as a potential cause for additional problems. Therefore, it is best to leave repair to licensed professionals and insist upon the manufacturer’s recommended parts.

Improper Installation

HVAC installation is not a DIY task for a homeowner. There are a number of factors involved in selecting the appropriate size and type of heating and air conditioning system for your home, and a number to consider in its proper installation. You should always leave installation to certified HVAC professionals who can guarantee the proper system for your home and its installation.

Professional Installation

Manufacturers typically require installation by a licensed, credentialed professional. You can rely upon a professional installation when you call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Furthermore, Carrier carries a solid warranty with a variety of extended warranties available. Call for additional details.

Omitting Annual Maintenance

A number of homeowners think a new system should not require maintenance until it starts gaining age or having problems. Maintenance is different than heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, Texas, the purpose of maintenance is to prevent most repairs and extend the lifespan of the system. The system, even if it is just reaching its one year anniversary should receive maintenance by a licensed professional annually. This will ensure the system is operating optimally at peak efficiency, will prolong its lifespan, provides the best air quality possible, and can reveal problems before they occur or expand into more costly issues.

Keep Maintenance Records Handy

The manufacturer may require documentation that shows annual maintenance has been provided. A contractor will keep your invoices on file, but having them on hand can avoid any delays in receiving service.

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