Improve Your Home With A Humidifier & Heater Maintenance

Improve Your Home With A Humidifier & Heater Maintenance

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Gas Pressure Check

It’s easy for homeowner’s to miss early signs that the heating system needs repair or maintenance. Regular maintenance not only maintains peak efficiency of your heating unit, it adds significantly to the service life of your homes heating source.

A gas pressure check is a maintenance procedure that not only can extend the gas heating unit’s life; it also can save your life and that of your family. Along with routine maintenance, an annual gas pressure check will extend the home heating unit’s service life to as much as 15 years, whereas a poorly maintained system may last 10 years, or less. Maintenance can identify problems early on, preventing the development of worse problems and more expensive repairs.

Gas leaks do more than run up the bill; they can be life threatening to you and your family! The breathing in of raw gas or of the by-product of gas exhaust, carbon monoxide, is potentially fatal. A poorly maintained system with gas leaks can easily explode, placing your family, and potentially neighbors in grave danger. Checking gas pressure and restoring it to the recommended levels if needed, will not only ensure efficient operation, but will also detect any gas leaks that may be present.

If you haven’t had your heating systems gas pressure checked for a year or more give us a call, we will be happy to provide a gas pressure check.

Install a Humidifier

Low humidity causes morning sore throat, chapped lips, static electricity and dry skin. Hardwood floors, wood cabinets and moldings can split and crack due to dry air. Proper humidity in the home can prevent these problems from occurring while making the home environment more comfortable at a lower temperature.

When heating cuts off, it also cuts off a whole house humidifier. A whole house humidifier will work more efficiently when used with a variable speed blower motor which will run longer at a much lower speed, saving money while providing needed humidity for heating.If you would like further information on humidifying your homes winter air give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call, we will be happy to assist you.

Cypress’s certified professionals provide 24 hour emergency service for your convenience. We understand heating and cooling emergencies seldom occur at a convenient time, and we provide you with prompt and efficient service, 24/7. Your comfort is important to us.

Now Is the Time to Buy

If you need a new HVAC system now is the time to buy. This time of the year is not as busy as the summer when air conditioning fails and keeps our technicians busy. Why risk having to wait when you can receive the heating and air conditioning installation that you need now? Financing is available with a variety of flexible options to suit your budget.

If your heating and air conditioning system is experiencing frequent breakdowns, it is probably time to replace it. New systems are significantly more energy efficient than systems that are 10 years old. Installing a new system can save you on energy costs and provides an offset in the cost of a new system. Give Cypress’s heating and cooling specialists a call and let’s get your new system installed and ready before the thermometer begins to rise.

Trust the experts who care about your comfort, call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning today for a new installation or for heating and ac repair in Katy and the surrounding regions.