Improving Energy Efficiency | Heating and Air Conditioning

Improving Energy Efficiency | Heating and Air Conditioning

Improving Energy Efficiency | Heating and Air Conditioning

When the cost of air conditioning your home has you hot under the collar, utilize the following information to assist you in keeping cool air in, and hot air out. In numerous homes, the windows and doors are a significant source of elevated energy bills, and a waste of energy. Sealing and weatherizing them can reduce the energy cost of heating and air conditioning by as much 20% according to some sources. This provides a significant upgrade for improving energy efficiency.

Seal Windows

The most common cause of energy loss around windows is cracks, gaps and other openings that allow conditioned indoor air to escape and outdoor air in. A draft coming from a window is due to an ineffective seal. Failing seals can occur around the glass in the window or door, the window frame or the window casing. Any openings around the casing should be sealed with caulking to keep indoor air inside. Glass panes can be sealed with clear caulking.

Install Weather-stripping

Weather-stripping can be applied around the edges of the window frame to create an airtight seal that should effectively weatherize windows, and simply sticks in place with a strip of adhesive on one side. Ensure the weather-stripping won’t come in contact with the sliding frame of the window. V-seal weather-stripping or rope caulk also provides an effective solution. Caulk may be used. Ensure you use paintable caulk of you intend to paint it.

Check the weather-stripping on doors and replace if you can feel drafts or see daylight around the door. Sealing doors and windows effectively will reduce energy costs, assisting your heating and air conditioning system to function efficiently and last longer.

Insulated Curtains

Insulated curtains provide a barrier over windows, providing assistance in blocking heat gain and cold drafts.

Low-e Windows and Window Film

Low-e windows offer an alternative for those who don’t want to block a view, and provide significantly greater energy savings than insulated curtains. They are the best option for energy efficient windows available, and in increasing the energy efficiency of your home and heating and air conditioning system.

A lower cost alternative is reflective window film that can be self-installed. Window film can block up to 99% of the suns UV rays. The view is still fairly well maintained but the heat is blocked, along with the upholstery and picture fading tendency of the sun. It’s available at most home supply stores.

Furthermore, a number of brands are available that is of a higher quality, and can even be the equivalent of adding another pane of glass to existing windows. In other words, some types not only reflect the sun during the summer, but add insulation preventing heat loss during the winter. It’s available online or can be installed by a professional in a tint shop. Shop around, and compare the cost to low-e windows before purchasing window film.

Window film is extremely effective in preventing heat gain through the windows or other glass, and greatly increases comfort and the efficiency of the home’s heating and air conditioning.

Repair or Replace Cracked Panes

Cracked panes can allow air to infiltrate and should be replaced. A hardware store or window store should be able to cut and replace the glass for you. If the cracks are small without gaps, you can seal them with clear nail polish.

Install Storm Windows

Storm windows provide a barrier against energy loss, a reason some homeowners leave them in place year round. You can also install interior storm panels that you simply press in place and function similarly.

Window Replacement

If your home’s windows are worn out or damaged replacement will be the best option. Selecting windows with energy-saving characteristics such as low-e glass or double-pane insulated construction will save on energy costs.

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