Indoor Air Quality Control

Indoor Air Quality Control

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Scientific evidence is growing that indoor air pollution may be greater than the outdoor air in even the most industrialized cities. When you consider that most people spend most of their time indoors it becomes apparent that the health risk from air pollution may be greater indoors than outdoors. If you are concerned about indoor air pollution contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professionals for a home assessment utilizing our heating and air conditioning service with air quality control systems.

There are multiple sources of indoor air pollution in any home. These include combustion sources from home heating systems using fossil fuels or wood and tobacco products; building materials and furnishings, cabinetry and furniture made of pressed wood products, carpet, household cleaning products, dander, dust, air fresheners, malfunctioning or dirty HVAC systems and outdoor air pollution from radon and chemicals. Our certified HVAC technicians can provide the necessary heating and air conditioning service to assess the function and condition of your system, ensuring it is clean and operating within recommended levels.

You’re probably wondering what you can do about pollution yourself. Ask smokers to smoke outside. Ensure all fossil fuel burning heating sources are adequately vented and functioning safely with a safety inspection by your HVAC technician. With summer approaching it’s time for your annual air conditioning service and tune-up, and this service call can be combined with a check up on your furnace or gas stove.

Your HVAC technician can adjust your gas stove to decrease dangerous emissions. A simple action on your part to help remove CO2 emissions from the use of the stove or oven is turn on the hood ventilation fan when you cook. Depending upon the fans efficiency it may or may not remove it all, but it will at least assist in removal if you will use it.

When the weather permits you can open windows and doors, operate attic fans or window fans. You can also run a window air conditioner with the ventilation control open to increase the outdoor ventilation. Bathroom and kitchen fans can be run. It is especially important to provide adequate ventilation when painting, stripping paint, using cleaners, or any other indoor activity that may release pollutants.

Provide ventilation to prevent a build-up of pollutants. Homes that are tightly sealed provide energy efficiency, but it also allows potentially high levels of pollutants to build-up in the home. There is a solution with a number of mechanical ventilation devices from vented fans that remove air in a single room such as kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans, to air handling systems that use fans and air ducts to continuously remove indoor air and distribute filtered and conditioned outdoor air to specific areas within the home.

There are numerous air cleaners on the market from room sized table top models to sophisticated whole house systems. Most portable air cleaners are not very effective in removing particulates from the air, while many whole house systems including mechanical and electronic air filters are extremely effective in doing so. Cypress’s professionals will be happy to provide you with the heating and air conditioning service necessary to improve your homes air quality.

When gases and odors are a problem it requires systems utilizing gas phase filters which absorb these pollutants. These filters are not a catch all for all gases and tend to be more specialized for a limited range of gaseous pollutants. Currently, there is no filter that will capture carbon monoxide. The offending appliance that is producing this gas will require adjustment, repair or replacement.

Ultraviolet (UV) filters can destroy viruses, bacteria, allergens, and molds that grow on the coils, condensate pans, ducts and drains of the HVAC system. They are not a substitute for filtration systems, but may be used in conjunction with them. If you are interested in installing this product give us a call for UV filter air conditioning service.

Humidity is another factor that is detrimental to air quality. Over-dry air and can cause dry or bloody noses, itchy skin, cracked lips and sore throats and calls for humidifying. Whereas too much humidity can make your home feel stuffy and can cause condensation on walls, floors and other surfaces that triggers the growth of harmful bacteria, dust mites and molds. These allergens can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergy and asthma flare-ups and calls for de-humidifying. Cypress’s professionals a call for heating and air conditioning service to provide the installation of a humidity controlling system.

In summary, high efficiency, eco-friendly devices can assist the home owner in providing healthier air for healthier living. It is as simple as calling Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s certified professionals for a full home assessment. Once your home is assessed we can provide the measures and products that you require for cleaner air and home comfort with our professional air quality, heating and air conditioning service specialists.