Is Your AC Underperforming? Here’s What An AC Repair Company Recommends | Katy, TX

Is Your AC Underperforming? Here’s What An AC Repair Company Recommends | Katy, TX

With summer just around the corner, it keeps getting warmer and warmer with each passing day. If your AC unit is underperforming, now is the time to call in a professional AC repair company in Katy, TX, and have it checked. At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we often receive calls about inefficient AC units, especially during the warm months. Below are some recommendations from our technicians to keep your unit performing optimally.

Cleaning the Air Filter

The AC has air filters to capture pet hair, dust, and other contaminants. The filters prevent these contaminants from clogging the AC unit and interfering with its operation. The air filters in your conditioner will inevitably get dirty after prolonged use.

A dirty air filter can cause ice build-up on the air conditioning unit, making it work harder to keep you and your family cool. To prevent this from happening, the air filters need to be changed every air filter by a professional AC repair company.

Turning Off the AC When Not in Use

Some people like to run the AC on full blast, even when they are not at home, so their home can be chilly when they come back. This is not advisable as it will make the AC wear out faster. It is better to keep your AC running a few degrees lower (or higher) when not at home for an extended period.

Call a professional AC repair company if your AC wears out.

Getting a Programmable Thermostat

If you have an old, mechanical thermostat, you might want to think about upgrading to a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat eliminates the human element by allowing you to set the temperature remotely. It won’t allow you to turn the AC off, but you can set the temperature before getting home.

You will be able to save money and extend the lifespan of your AC unit. Contact a professional AC repair company to get a smart thermostat.

Cleaning the Coils

These coils help the refrigerant absorb heat and cool the room. Over time, dust can accumulate on the coils reducing the ability to absorb heat. The AC unit has to work harder to keep your house clean if this occurs.

Keeping the coils clean is, therefore, very important. These coils are sharp, and it can be risky to touch them. Let a professional air conditioning service handle this for you so you don’t hurt yourself.

Checking the Fins

The condenser and evaporator each have fins. Over time, these fins can bend, which restricts airflow. To ensure your air conditioning unit is running efficiently, check the fins regularly to make sure they haven’t bent.

If you notice any bending, call a professional AC repair company to avoid damaging your AC unit.

Prepping the AC Unit for Summer

Before that extreme summer heat arrives, make sure the air conditioner is functioning correctly. Call a professional air conditioning repair company to clear our debris, check coolant levels and replace the air filters.

Placing the AC Unit and Thermostat in the Right Place

Contrary to popular belief, the location of the AC unit is important. The AC unit should not be installed in direct sunlight or where airflow can be potentially blocked. Placing the AC unit in the wrong place means it will need to work harder to keep you cool, which wastes energy and increases electricity bills.

The thermostat should also not be placed in direct sunlight as it will read the incorrect temperature, making your AC unit work harder than necessary. If your AC unit or thermostat is not at the optimal position, call a professional AC repair company in Katy, TX, to fix the issue for you.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner Vents

The HVAC unit uses vents to release cold air. If there is dirt in these vents, dust will be released into your house, and airflow will be hampered. Inhaling these contaminants can trigger an allergic reaction, asthma attacks, and other health issues. This is worrying, especially for the elderly and children.

To prevent this from happening, clean the vents or call a professional air conditioning repair company to do it for you.

Ensuring the Condenser Unit Fan Is Working Properly

The condenser unit fan is responsible for cooling the refrigerant gas. However, if it is not working correctly, the AC no longer does its job. When you hear some weird noises coming from the AC unit, there is a strong possibility that the condenser unit fan is malfunctioning.

In such a situation, call a professional AC repair company to check for any problems.

Inspecting the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain transports any condensation created within the HVAC outdoors. To keep your AC in good condition, the condensate drain needs to be regularly checked to make sure it is draining water correctly and efficiently. Over time, the drain can become clogged, which will prevent drainage.

Call a professional AC repair company if you notice the condensate drain is clogged.

Scheduling Regular Maintenance Appointments

Between working and caring for your loved ones, the last thing on your mind is your AC unit. At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we understand that you have a busy schedule which is why we offer quality air conditioning repair and maintenance services for your HVAC unit.

A lot of components in your AC unit may malfunction. Just like a car, your AC unit needs constant servicing. Engaging our air conditioning repair services is the way to make sure you can rest easy knowing you’re covered. When you book an appointment, our technicians will come to your house, inspect your AC, repair any broken components and ensure that the AC is functioning at the optimal level.

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air: Your Dependable Cooling Partner

An air conditioner can last for over ten years, but it will start to misbehave without proper care and attention. If you follow the above tips and call a professional AC repair company to take care of your AC, it should provide you with quality service for a long period.

Contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today to learn about the air conditioning repair services we offer in Katy, TX.

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