Maintaining your Katy TX Heating and Air Condition System while on Vacation

Maintaining your Katy TX Heating and Air Condition System while on Vacation

Beforefun times can begin, there are certain things that you need to take care of.After all, your house will be on its own for as long as your vacation lasts.Coming back to an air conditioning system that doesn’t work wouldn’t go wellwith anyone. As a result, you won’t be using the remaining vacation time torelax before you have to rejoin the hustle and bustle at work. Instead, youwill be stuck spending it while looking for a good heating and air condition service in Katy, TX.

Soundappealing? We thought not, which is why we put together this list for you. Itincludes tips on how to leave your home in a safe condition, so you find it ina similar state! Here’s what you need to get done:

Prepping for Tornado Damage

Tornadoes hitting your area in your absencecan damage your HVAC system while there would be no one to call heating and air condition service inKaty, TX. In order to keep the system protected, try to remove any treelimbs that are low hanging. Let your eyes pick out any structures that are unsecuredand can be uprooted by powerful winds, such as overgrown shrubs etc. Leavingyour lawn/yard as debris-free as you can will keep your HVAC unit unclogged.

Heating and Air Condition Service in Katy, TX

It is better to get your HVAC system lookedat before you leave for several reasons:

1.    You will immediately be notified, if it needsany repair or maintenance

2.     Cloggedair filters will be identified before their activity can damage your HVACsystem

3.    Your HVAC system will be ready for use upon yourreturn without any need of heating andair condition service in Katy, TX

Gettingthe system tuned up will save you from a lot of trouble on your return. It willalso maintain the system’s integrity during the time it has to sit idle andunused. An HVAC system is meant to be kept working and if its parts are notactive for extended periods, then they will be stressed when you start re-usingthe system again.

Thus,ask a professional heating and aircondition service in Katy, TX to come and take a look at your system, getit tuned up, cleaned and lubricated before you leave. That way, there will be ahigher chance of finding the system in similar condition after you come back.

Prepping your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System


As any expert heating and air condition service in Katy, TX worth their saltwill tell you, do NOT turn your air conditioning off when you leave. It needsto stay on while you’re away, even though you might think otherwise.

Here’swhy leaving the air conditioner on is important, even after you have had it tunedit up. A working air conditioner will keep the air flowing inside your home andcarry on the ventilation process that it needs. In the absence of airflow, moisturefrom the air will start to accumulate in an empty house. Consequently, thatmoisture will react with the building material, such as ceiling drywall, whichcould mean you’d be coming back to a rippled ceiling!

Ifthat moisture is absorbed by the paint on the walls or the wallpaper, theycould start to peel off and no amount of heatingand air condition service in Katy, TX will be able to fix that issue! Moldcan start growing and proliferating on the damp carpet.

Heating System

Another thing that should be a part of thispreparation ritual before you can leave home is to turn down yourheating system. Any good heating and aircondition service in Katy, TX will tell you that the thermostat will needadjustment and should ideally be left at 50-60 degrees. There are two advantagesof maintaining this temperature range:

  1. 1.      The heating system will consume less energy and thus reduce your cost. In fact, for every degree, you will be saving 1% or so the U.S. Department of Energy says, if the same temperature is maintained for eight hours. For a 10-15 degrees cutback, you start saving 5-15% after 8 hours.
  2. 2.     It is less likely that the pipes making up your heating system will burst.
  3. 3.     The temperature isn’t high enough to damage surfaces, such as wooden floors, in the house. We all know that exposing wood to heat makes it expand. You don’t want to return to buckled floors, do you!
  4. 4.     Higher temperatures can also damage any electronics that you would be leaving behind since the highest temperature that most laptops etc. can take is 95. With 90 degrees outside, a week’s time is enough for the inside of your home to reach triple digits.
  5. 5.     This temperature range will also ensure you have a warm home to come back to even as the electricity bill is curbed to an affordable level.

For programmable thermostats, the job becomes even easiersince you just need to turn it to vacation settings.

Surge Protector

Callthe heating and air condition service inKaty, TX and have one installed in your HVAC system. This component willkeep your HVAC system safe from sudden power outages.

Thermostat Location

Onething that we tend to overlook and what most heating and air condition service in Katy, TX will tell you isthat it matters where the thermostat is located. Ghost readings are likely forthermostats, located near vents or drafts or exposed to direct sunlight. If youdo not know what the actual temperature inside your home is, then you might setthe thermostat wrong!

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