Matching Heating & Air Conditioning System

Matching Heating & Air Conditioning System

A Matching System | Heating and Air Conditioning

Why a Matching System is Important

In a heating and air conditioning system, the cooling components consist of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handler. The two components are designed to work together to provide optimal performance, maximum efficiency, and comfort. When a new outdoor condenser is installed, you should install a new, corresponding and equally efficient indoor air handler at the same time. The installation of the two components that are designed to be used together comprises a matching system.

A properly sized matched system enables the system to perform as designed, with proper cycle times, the intended humidity control, with the system sound minimized. These features are likely to be lost in a mismatched system. While replacing the outdoor unit only may be appealing to a lower cost, it is likely to cost you more over time.

First of all, mismatching is not always an option for your heating and air conditioning system. When it is an option, the system may work, but there are negative consequences of using a mismatched system. It will not provide the promised energy efficiency. In fact, you may lose as much as 15 percent of the stated efficiency. Furthermore, comfort is likely to be sacrificed. A mismatched system is likely to underperform on the hottest days of the summer, neither cooling efficiently or properly removing humidity. Finally, a mismatched system can overwork the air conditioning system, resulting in unnecessary, premature failure.

Modern HVAC systems are designed for greater efficiency, the compatible coils and other indoor components are designed to match the technology. The compressor is the costliest component of a modern air conditioning system, and because compressor reliability is extremely dependent upon proper system design and installation, the installation of a new condenser without replacing the existing evaporator coil can result serious issues for your heating and air conditioning system.

First, the aged indoor coil will probably provide less heat transfer capability. Second, it will typically have an expansion device that is not sized or designed for use with the recommended refrigerant charge. Furthermore, the existing coil being of the improper design for the new condenser will increase the risk of compressor failure. Simply stated, the existing indoor coil’s performance will already be weakened and deteriorated due age, dirt and corrosion.

A mismatched system is a gamble, as the chances of compressor failure increases by 45% within the first year. Mismatching a new condenser and compressor to an aged, undersized coil and fixed expansion device is almost a certain failure, and one not covered under a number of heating and air conditioning manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

Furthermore, almost all utility companies require that both components of an air conditioner or heat pump system be ARI certified and properly matched in order to qualify for their rebate programs.

Despite all of the profound negatives of a mismatched system, a number of contractors and dealers routinely fail to replace the indoor coil with the installation of a new condensing unit. Few homeowners realize the importance of a matching system for the heating and air conditioning system, or that a critical component has failed to be installed.

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