Mini-Split Heat Pump | Air Conditioning Installation Katy, TX

Mini-Split Heat Pump | Air Conditioning Installation Katy, TX

When your home lacks duct work for centralheating and air conditioning, the frustration you experience is understandable.While some homes can be retro-fitted with ducts, not all can. Unfortunately,this leaves the affected homeowners with unique challenges for providing acomfortable home. Furthermore, it prevents you from being able to benefit frommore efficient HVAC systems, such as heat pumps. Well, now you can, andwithout installing ducts. A mini-split heat pump can provide thesolution you seek for a comfortable home, energy efficiency and improved airquality. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for additionalinformation, or to schedule heating and air conditioning installation inKaty, TX.

Mini split heat pumps utilize an outdoor condensingunit and an indoor small air handling unit. Each room or zone has an air handler, which delivers conditioned air. Asmall hole, only three inches in diameter provides the connection between thetwo components. The mini split is easy to install.

Custom Control for Each Room

Each air handler uses a remote control foreasy operation. With each room or zone containing an air handler, it is easy tocontrol the temperature. Furthermore, each area can have its own uniquetemperature, it is like having an HVAC system for each room! So whenyour grandmother comes to visit, and wants a warmer temperature in her bedroom,and your teenager in the room next to her doesn’t want the heat, preferring acooler room, both can have what they want. Custom temperatures are a classicfor the mini-split heat pump, and ideal for those who have unused rooms they donot want to heat or air condition. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningfor additional information, or to schedule a mini-split heating and airconditioning installation in Katy, TX.

Versatility is Standard

Mini-split heat pumps are an energy efficientalternative to the costly process of retrofitting older homes with ducts. Theyare also an excellent solution for providing energy efficient heating andair conditioning to room additions, garages and workshops, basements,claimed space in attics, guest houses, apartments and vacation homes. Inaddition, mini-split air handlers can be installed on walls without taking upfloor space, or they can be installed in the ceiling where they are almost outof sight.  Want to learn more? Contact ustoday to schedule a consultation for a mini-split heating and airconditioning installation in Katy, TX

 Theductlessminisplit heat pump offers superior energy efficiency for your home, and can alsomaintain your family’s comfort even during extreme temperatures. If you wouldlike to know more, or to schedule heating and air conditioning installationin Katy, TX, give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certifiedtechnicians a call today.

No LostEnergy

Central heating and air conditioning systemslose energy through the duct work, especially when it leaks air due to the needfor resealing. Ducts can lose as much as 30 percent of the conditioned air.Ductless mini-split systems eliminate the air losses, delivering theconditioned air you pay for. In addition, the mini-split performs as otherenergy efficient heat pumps, producing 4 units of energy for every unitconsumed. Call today and let’s get started with your  mini-split heating and air conditioninginstallation in Katy, TX

Air Quality is Included

The central  heating and air conditioning systemcirculates air throughout the entire home with a filter in the air handler. Aductless mini split provides an air handler in each room or zone. Each airhandler uses advanced filtration for the cleanest air possible for each room.The air quality will be significantly improved with a mini-split heatingand air conditioning installation in Katy, TX. In addition, due to themini-splits lack of duct work, dust will not be circulated throughout theentire home when the system runs. In addition, when a family member is sick,the virus and/or bacteria, will not be circulated throughout the home, potentiallyassisting in preventing the spread of the illness. The mini split helps toprovide a healthier home, and can be especially beneficial to persons withallergies, asthma and other respiratory issues.

Happy Neighbors and a Happier You

Almost everyone has experienced the noise ofan outdoor unit. Whether it is disturbing your sleep, or interruptingconversations when enjoying the outdoors, it is undoubtedly a nuisance. Themini-split heat pump operates quietly, a fact both you and your neighbors willboth appreciate.

Year Round Comfort

As the ductless mini-split heat pump is aheat pump, it provides for your comfort year round, with energy efficientheat in the winter, and air conditioning during the summer. A ductless minisplit heat pump offers an energy efficient way to maintain the comfort inyour home, while providing customized conditioned air in each room or zone.Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule a mini-splitheating and air conditioning installation in Katy, TX.

If you need further information about aductless mini split heat pump, would like to receive an estimate or toschedule a mini-split heating and air conditioning installation in Katy,TX, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our NATEcertified technicians will provide the professional expertise thatensures superior HVAC services for your home or business. Our dedicatedtechnicians serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating andAir Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Contact us today forheating and air conditioning service in Katy that you can rely on, andquality you can trust.