Mini-Split Heat Pump | Katy, TX Heating and Air Conditioning

Mini-Split Heat Pump | Katy, TX Heating and Air Conditioning

While the majority of modern homes have central heating and air conditioning systems, a number of older homes do not. In many cases, duct work can be added, but it is a task with a price tag homeowner’s are not always willing to pay. Furthermore, not all homes are a candidate for duct installation. Fortunately, zone heating and cooling provides an energy efficient option for ductless homes, additions, guest homes and others. A mini split heat pump can provide ductless homes, or those simply desiring greater energy efficiency, with a comfortable indoor environment.

In addition, a growing number of families are installing the ductless mini split heat pump in new home builds. The energy efficiency, higher air quality and improved comfort the mini split offers are benefits many homeowner’s choose to take advantage of.


Mini split heat pump system offers superior energy efficiency, but does not require ducts to deliver heated or cooled air to the rooms in your home. Mini split heat pumps transport refrigerant between an outdoor condensing unit and one or more small indoor air handling units, from which conditioned air is delivered to each room or zone through an air handler. The mini split heat pump only requires a small hole three inches in diameter through the wall to provide the connection necessary between the two components. Without the need for intensive retrofitting and construction for ducts, the mini split is easy to install.

Customized Control 

Each room or zone, has its own air handler allowing you to select customized temperatures for each room. Furthermore, operation is convenient with a remote control for each air handler. With a mini split heat pump, you can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of zone heating and air conditioning. These benefits include avoiding the loss of conditioned air in leaky ducts, and the ability to heat and cool only the rooms you choose.


Mini-split heat pump systems offer an alternative to the costly process of installing ducts with a retrofit in older homes. They also offer an alternative for heating and air conditioning additions, work shops, basements, attics, guest houses, apartments and vacation homes. Mini-split air handlers can be installed on walls or in ceilings without interfering with floor space, or using a window.

The ductless mini split heat pump provides superior energy efficiency and can keep your whole family comfortable even during extreme temperatures, while saving on your home’s electric bill.

No Lost Energy

While a mini split heat pump system and ducted systems may be rated similarly for energy efficiency, the central heating and air conditioning system lose energy in the duct work. Add to the situation, leaky duct work and/or a lack of insulation and the lost energy can go as high as 30 percent. As with any efficient heat pump, for every unit of energy consumed, the system produces up to 4 units, providing superior energy efficiency.

Improved Air Quality

The central HVAC system circulates air throughout the home with the use of advanced filtration in each air handler. A ductless mini split provides an air handler in each room/zone. The air quality of your home will be significantly improved with the installation the mini split heat pump. In addition, since it does not use duct work, you will not have dust from ducts being circulated throughout your home. This is also true for viruses and bacteria, and over all the mini split simply provides a healthier home. That is why it is healthier for family members with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues.

Quiet Operation

You need not worry that a mini split will echo the noise of a central air conditioner. Or other typical heating and air conditioning system. Indoors and out the mini split  provides quiet operation for you and your neighbors.


In addition, the ductless mini split heat pump system saves energy dollars if you have unused or seldom used rooms. A central system provides the same temperature and conditioned air throughout the home. With a mini split heat pump, you choose the rooms that will receive heating and air conditioning. When guests will be visiting, just set the desired temperature and open the damper for custom comfort of your guest room.

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