New Air Conditioning Installation Benefits

New Air Conditioning Installation Benefits

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When the time arrives for a new air conditioning installation, the majority of homeowners believe it should be replaced with one of the same size. The fact is that could be a mistake. The previous installer may not have sized it correctly. Sizing a system for a new heating and air conditioning installation involves factors other than the home’s square footage. Numerous considerations are involved, the amount of the home’s insulation, type of windows and the direction they face to name just a few. The HVAC specialists at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provide reliable ac service and accurate, professional installation.

If an undersized system is installed, it will be overworked, resulting in premature wear and increased energy use. Furthermore the system will be unable to perform adequately. Installing a system that is too large will cause it to not run long enough to remove humidity from the air, resulting in moisture problems in the home and sticky discomfort.

Signs it is Time to Replace the Air Conditioner

There are three major signs that it is time for a new air conditioning installation:

  1. It is 10 years old or older. Replacement will not only reduce the number of repairs, it can also save as much as 50% on energy costs, depending upon the model chosen and the home’s energy saving qualities.
  2. Frequent repair is occurring, and/or a major component has failed. If a repair will cost 25% or greater of the cost of a new system, apply the money toward a new energy efficient system.
  3. Electric bills are rising and the air conditioning is running longer trying to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Benefits of a New System in September

You may want to coax the existing system through the remainder of the summer. The cost may be higher in the long run. In the following we cover a few of the benefits of installing now, rather than later.

Reduced AC Repair in Katy

If you continue to pump money into an aging air conditioner with frequent repair, it is money that could go towards a new heating and air conditioning installation. A new system will be a reliable system, and will not be constantly breaking down as a worn system will. Keep in mind, even a brand-new system will require an annual tune-up and maintenance to maintain efficiency and peak performance. An automobile receives routine maintenance, and the homes heating and air conditioning system also benefits from an annual tune-up and service.

Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment

An aging system has worn components, and that is why it experiences breakdowns. The system is overworked with its weakened parts trying to cool the home, and as the components deteriorate further it becomes less efficient over time. This uses more energy, and results in a higher energy bill. A modern energy efficient heating and air conditioning installation will save on energy costs. An Energy Star system will not only save money on energy costs, the reduced need for repair. In fact, depending upon the system and model selected, a modern air conditioning installation can save as much as 50% on energy cost.

HVAC systems that receive the Energy Star approval are intensively tested for energy efficiency and performance. A system with high energy efficiency that breaks down often will not receive Energy Star approval. The Energy Star rated system can pay for itself in reduced energy costs. Tax credits or other incentives may be available from the federal government, state and local governments and your utility provider reducing the initial even further.

Why Replace Heating and Air Conditioning As a Unit

Unless your home has a heat pump or package unit, the air conditioner and heat source will be two separate appliances that share some components. When either the heat or the AC requires replacement, determining whether or not to replace both depends upon certain factors:

  1. Consider the age of the two appliances. If both are roughly the same age, it is a wise decision to select both heating and air conditioning installation. However, if the furnace is a fairly recent model, it may be more cost effective to opt for only air conditioning installation.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Replacing both heat and AC with energy efficient models will save on energy costs. An HVAC inspection can determine the approximate life left in a furnace or air conditioner. If the appliance passes inspection with a reasonable amount of service life expected, but excessively elevates the energy bill. In may be in your best interest to weigh the expected savings in energy costs of a modern efficient model against the expected cost of continued operation with the existing appliance. It is a matter of economics and personal preference.

    Another factor that should be considered is taking advantage of current Energy Star tax credits, and other incentives. These can pay for a portion of the initial cost of both heating and air conditioning installation, and may not be available beyond 2016.

  3. Cost Reduction – The cost may be higher to replace only the AC or the furnace. Buying both may save money. It will also provide a warranty that covers a specified amount of time for both.
  4. Incompatibility – When opting to replace only the appliance that is broken, it should be considered that there is a possibility the components shared by both will not be compatible. In other words, replacement of both may be the only option.

    Furthermore, the existing appliance that is to remain will have wear and tear to a certain degree depending upon its age, and may not be able to handle the increased pressure of a modern strong air conditioner. Not only could the existing appliance be damaged, the new appliance may be damaged as well. An additional factor in the marriage of old and new is lost efficiency of the just installed appliance. Numerous homeowners opt for a complete modern system to achieve the highest energy efficiency from both.

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