New Air Conditioning Installation, or Repair Current System?

New Air Conditioning Installation, or Repair Current System?

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When homeowners experience repeated breakdowns of their air conditioning system, inevitably they will ask if they should just buy a new one. The decision to repair or replace with a new air conditioning installation rests on a balance of the scales. In other words, you consider the factors involved to determine which way the scale leans. Lets look at the factors involved when you must make the repair or replace decision.

The foremost consideration will be the systems age. Systems typically last for approximately 15 years, give or take a few years, depending upon the care and maintenance it has received. However, in general the older a unit is, the more likely it is for breakdowns to occur, performance to diminish and the cost of operation to increase. Let’s look at a summary of your first considerations related to the units age:

  • If your unit is ten years old or older-replace it with a new air conditioning installation. Parts wear out, and performance, as well as energy efficiency falls. There is also the consideration that new units are much more energy efficient that a system that is even 5 years old. Your energy savings will assist in the system paying for itself, perhaps even pay for it fully.
  • Repeated repairs can soon add up. Don’t waste your money patching up a dying system. Use the money toward a new energy efficient and reliable system that does not place you and your family in routine hot or cold.
  • The general rule is if the repair (or repairs) is averaging a third the cost of a new system-replace it. Don’t forget to factor age into this equation though.
  • The final age related factor is how the unit functions. If it isn’t going to function properly even with repair, replace the system with a new air conditioning installation.

The next factor to consider is how long you plan to live at your location. If you will be selling your home within a year, repair may be the logical solution, unless breakdowns occur often enough to pay for a new one. That can occur, considering some compressors may cost $2,000. If you have no choice but to replace with a new air conditioning installation, it will be a bonus in the homes selling point after all.

Finally, we address the questionable wisdom of a new air conditioning installation being mixed in with components from your previous system. Yes, it is a possibility that it can be accomplished, but performance and energy efficiency will be lost. You will not receive the full benefit of your new energy efficient air conditioner when you continue to use less efficient components from the prior system.

You will continue to have aging components that are more likely to break down, and in some cases the issues that may arise with the old components may cause damage to the new air conditioning system. Overall, an entirely new system is the best option in order to receive what is promised out of a new unit, as well as to ensure the dependability that a new system affords when you have a new air conditioning installation provided.

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