Preparing Your HVAC System for the Upcoming Winter Season | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

Preparing Your HVAC System for the Upcoming Winter Season | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

As the coldest season, with its frequent spells of hail, rain, and storms, gears up to send chills down the spine of the residents in Texas, people have started worrying about the HVAC system breaking down and ditching them amid the season. This is because winter in Texas is cold to the point one can’t survive without the support of a properly functioning heating system. But fortunately, with the presence of reliable heating and air conditioning services in Cypress, TX, the impact has lowered down.

Nonetheless, do you think your HVAC unit is ready and well-prepped to win through extreme weather conditions? Do you think you have taken the right precautionary measures needed to keep the unit safe, especially the outdoor unit? Are you aware of what should be done before, during, or after a storm to minimize damages? If the answer to these questions is a ‘NO’, be prepared to deal with HVAC emergencies, bear al the discomfort, and compromise on your good night’s sleep for a day or more.

In order to help you keep your HVAC unit, home, and family members safe and comfortable during the chilly season, below is a guide of the precautionary and post-storm measures that the experts of heating and air conditioning services in Cypress, TX recommend knowing and implementing.

Things to Do

–      Pre-storm

The famous saying goes, ‘prevention is better than the cure’. This indeed is very true because prevention and precautionary measures allow you to prevent damages in the first place by being cautious and undertaking necessary tasks that save you trouble.

When it comes down the safety, maintenance, and longevity of your HVAC system, prevention plays a prominent role and is better than the measures we will discuss mid and post-storm situation in so many ways. Few important reasons you should be focused on prevention instead of cures and solutions is that both HVAC systems and their repairs are expensive.

The professionals of heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX suggest doing things such as covering and protecting the HVAC unit to prevent damages to it. This is because the HVAC units are mostly affected by any objects that hit the exterior unit because of the heavy winds or simply because of snow and rainwater accumulation.

Here is what you exactly you should do before a storm:

Put Free Objects Away

Winds are responsible for causing most of the damages during storms in general. Heavy winds in winter can literally pull off your HAVC system’s external unit but this scenario is rare. Usually, it is what brings with to that harms the units, i.e., objects that are freely laying here and there that come flying and hit the unit. Before the season takes over in its full swing and brings a storm, take a stroll around the outside area of your home. Check the yard, the garage, and every other corner to see if there are any objects that the winds can push to damage your AC unit. Pick up and store these things in confined areas in they are useful and if it is something you will not use, discard.

Cover the Unit

By covering the unit we mean covering that part that is installed outside the home, of course. This is important to prevent losses and costs that air conditioner repairs in Cypress, TX bring. Cover the unit with a thick plastic sheet to minimize the chances of ice/water getting into and destroying the unit’s condenser. Do this before a storm after taking necessary safety measures like turning off the unit.

Get Hail Guards Installed

If your area sees hail and snow, it is best to have hail guards introduced ahead of the season to prevent damages to the external unit. And the safest and most reliable way you can do this hiring the professionals for heating and air conditioning repairs in Cypress, TX.

Call the Professionals

The best you can do to prevent damages to your HVAC system is scheduling regular maintenance and inspection with qualified heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX as the winter season starts. The experts that attend to you will not only look for and resolve existing and potential problems to keep the system from ditching you in time it will be needed the most but also prepare the system for the cold, stormy days if asked. This way, you have your peace in mind knowing you and the system are all set to face what the season brings.

–      Mid-storm

While there is not much you can during an ongoing storm, it is strongly recommended by the heating and air conditioning services in Cypress, TX that homeowners turn both the breakers off to minimize or even prevent the effect of the tempest on your HVAC unit. It is the thermostat and the breaker box where the two breakers are installed and can be turned off from.

–      Post-storm

The moment the storm ends, all you need to do is hire a professional for air conditioning repairs in Cypress, TX to evaluate the system and ensure everything is safe and sound. The experts that come to serve you will check that the HVAC system in your home is functional and intact and introduce fixes that might be needed. A lot of people neglect taking this step or trying DIY remedies to conduct the evaluation and introduce fixes but this can be life-threatening, mainly because parts of the system may still be wet and result in electric shocks when the system is run or is intervened with.

Questions To Ask the Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX that You Hire

  • Can you provide a guarantee or give evidence that your organization and the technicians are certified and insured?
  • Are the experts that you have drug-tested and background-checked?
  • By what means do you decide the size of the system suitable for an area?
  • Do you present financing options?
  • Do you provide emergency services?


If all of the above seems like a lot of work to do, the easiest thing you can do is leave it all to the professionals at Cypress Heating and Air. They are widely known for their professionalism and on-the-job expertise. All your HVAC woes will be answered right away!