Prevent Air Conditioning Breakdowns in Your House | Air Conditioning Repair in Katy, TX

Prevent Air Conditioning Breakdowns in Your House | Air Conditioning Repair in Katy, TX

The summer season is just around the corner and we all are well aware that this time of the year can turnout really unforgiving in Texas. It is pretty common in the Lone Star State that mercury soars to 3-digit Fahrenheit reading during summer. There is no way one can spend even a moment in closed interiors during peak summer months in the absence of a “working” air conditioner. 

We have highlighted the word ‘working’ because many homeowners in Texas have to spend time with ‘non-working’ air conditioner due to their sudden breakdowns. Ask any good contractor of air conditioning repair in Katy, TX. They will tell you how many emergency calls they receive during the season regarding sudden breakdowns. 

There are several underlying reasons and conditions that eventually culminate to the air conditioning breakdown. If you identify them before the start of the season and have them fixed by any reputable company of air conditioning repair in Katy, TX, then you can save yourself from the sweltering wrath of Texas’s summer. This pre-summer measure will also protect your wallet from expensive emergency services. 

A Worn-Down Contractor Switch 

Many HVAC systems are fitted with relay switches that ensure prescribed voltage rating to its different parts. Contractor switch is also one of such relays used to provide high voltage rating to the outer (condenser) unit. Contractors switch are usually fitted outside which means they are more subjected to weather extremitiesand other external wear and tear. 

The telltale sign of a worn-down contractor switch is that its metallic coating starts peeling off. According to seasoned companies of air conditioning repair in Katy, TX, it is ideal to replace a contractor switch within 4-5 years. However, many homeowners just forget about its existence after theinitial installation. 

Why It Matters?

Contractor switches operate on high voltage rating. So, they naturally get burned out at a rapid pace. In case the contractor switch stops working, the outer unit has to operate on low voltage resulting in overheating of its components. 

If an air conditioning continues to work with a worn-down contractor switch, it eventually experiences moldering of condenser unit motor and wiring. In order to prevent sudden air conditioning breakdown due to a contractor switch failure, make sure you remain updated about its physical condition. Regular inspection and tune-up visits from any trustworthy venture of air conditioning repair in Katy, TX can come in handy for picking up a worn-out contractor switch.

Gradual Refrigerant Leakage 

The refrigerantis a never-ending fuel of air conditioning systems. They are actually gases in liquid form that administer the heat transfer during the evaporation and condensation phases of air conditioning refrigeration cycles.

Refrigerants are usually filled in small tubing network that is lined inside the AC system. Over the course of time, the tubes start leaking from the cracks of loosened joints caused by constant vibration of a running air conditioning. Refrigerant starts leaking in a very gradual manner. Usually, there are not visuals signs of refrigerant leakages. The only way to know about refrigerant leakage is to closely monitor thecooling activity of your air conditioner. 

With insufficient refrigerant in the system, an air conditioner takes more time to cool down space. If you are noticing a sluggish air conditioning performance, then don’t just shrug it off as your over-cautiousness. Call any reputable contractor of air conditioning repair in Katy, TX and have your system checked for any refrigerant leak.  

Why It Matters?

The gradual refrigerator leakage can eventually turn your air conditioning unit into a regular blower fan. Even before that, the poor cooling performance of the system can raise your energy bills. Therefore, it is important from every aspect to have your air conditioning unit inspected for refrigerant leakage before the start of the season if you don’t want to encounter a sudden breakdown.

Only Call Experienced Technicians

Only commission experienced contractors of air conditioning repair in Katy, TX for dealing with the leakage. Rookie contractors usually just refill the refrigerant without fixing the minor cracks from where leakage is happening. As a result, the system develops the same problem after a couple of months. 

The experienced air conditioning repair in Katy, TX provides a complete solution to the problem. They make sure that there are no unseen leak points in the tubing before refilling the refrigerant.

Dirty Condenser Units 

Condenser units are fitted in the outdoors. They are more exposed to dust, debris, and plant weed and thus get dirty really quick. Grubby and dirty condenser units are not just a stain on the aesthetics of your outdoors. They actually entail significant functional tribulations. So, it is crucial to take care of their cleanliness. 

Why This Matters?

Condenser units are actually the heat sinks of air conditioners. All the heat collected by the evaporative unit is disposed of through the condenser unit. In other words, if the condenser unit is not working properly, the refrigeration cycle can’t produce the same results, resulting in poor cooling work. 

A condenser unit decked with dirt and debris can’t optimally thrust the heat out of the system. The excessive debris buildup can also cause the condenser fan to abruptly stop. If that happens, your air conditioning can’t work for more than a couple of minutes. 

If you have a regular tune-up routine set for your air conditioning, then you don’t have to separately look after the condenser unit. Reputable service providers of air conditioning repair in Katy, TX take care of each and every component of the air conditioning system in their tune and touch up visits. 

Besides these major things, it is important that you replace air filters of your air conditioning system regularly to avoid any instant breakdowns.

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