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Programmable Thermostat | Heating and Air Conditioning

You may not spend much thought on the thermostat your heating and air conditioning system uses in your home. However, current technology has made its way to thermostats, and provides numerous benefits that are well worth the change. The majority of non-programmable units will provide adequate temperature control, but upgrading to a programmable thermostat can provide you with some significant savings, as well as convenience.

A programmable thermostat provides a more consistent indoor temperature, as well as offering features that enable the heating and air conditioning system to operate less frequently, saving both energy and money.

In addition, a programmable thermostat offers you the ability to manage temperature adjustments, ensuring the temperature in your home is programmed to achieve the greatest savings. An example of this is programming the thermostat to a higher setting in the summer, while no one is home, and setting the thermostat to automatically adjust to a lower degree, cooling the home just before family members return home.

The benefits of a programmable thermostat are energy savings, improved comfort, added convenience and has the potential to extend the service life of your home’s heating and air conditioning system by eliminating unnecessary operation.

Features may vary specific to the manufacturer and model. Some models offer a vacation override, for example, while others may offer a keyboard lock to prevent unauthorized changes to the settings that you program.

An additional feature available on some models is the ability of the thermostat to automatically change between heating and cooling. This is especially beneficial during the spring and fall when cool nights and warm days will keep you resetting the manual thermostat.

Select a Model to Fit Your Schedule

Programmable thermostats typically offer four programming time slots per day. Select a model that will best suit your schedule. Options include:

  • 7-day programming – Suitable for the active family with variable schedules.
  • Weeklong programming – Excellent choice for the home where everyday schedules are routine.
  • 5-2 programming – The ideal selection for the home that works a traditional work week and weekend schedule.
  • 5-1-1 programming – Provides the flexibility needed for those whose weekend workdays experience variable scheduling.

If you have ever set the thermostat temperature, only to find a family member has changed it to allow the system to run more, a programmable thermostat will ensure a return to your temperature selection. A programmable thermostat will allow for short term changes, but reverts to the programmed settings after a short amount of time.

Smart Thermostats

Thermostats are now available that provide the benefits of wireless technology. Integrated with your Wi-Fi network, a smart thermostat enables you to program your thermostat with a computer or smartphone. It will also enable you to generate reports of energy usage. You can check your thermostat settings when you are away from home, and can maintain an improved control of your heating and air conditioning system’s use of energy.

The Nest thermostat brings a whole new meaning to “Smart Thermostats”. You set your thermostat to suit your comfort for a few days and nights. Within a week or less, the thermostat has learned your temperature preferences and will advise you that you no longer need to adjust the thermostat. The Nest contains a motion detector that senses when you are not at home, and adjusts the temperature to save energy. When you return home, it automatically disables the Away mode.

Once the Nest learns your habits, it takes care of managing your home’s environment, freeing you to do something other than worrying that you forgot to adjust the temperature before you left.

With so many options available, you may feel unsure of the programmable thermostat your home needs. Thermostats do need to be compatible with your heating and air conditioning for the proper function. The professionals of Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning can assist you with your selection of the ideal thermostat for your home, as well as for your heating and air conditioning system.