Programmable Thermostat | Air Conditioning Service

Programmable Thermostat | Air Conditioning Service


Ifcutting the cost of cooling your home is a priority this summer, a programmablethermostat is one option that can save you money. With a programmablethermostat, temperatures can be set to be higher when you are away, andscheduled to cool the home just in time for your arrival. This results insignificant energy savings by eliminating unnecessary heating and coolingwhen the home is unoccupied. The following provides energy saving tipsand advice to maximize your comfort, while reducing the electrical bill.Effectively saving money begins by ensuring your HVAC system receives itsannual tune up with air conditioning service, maintenance, and repair ifrequired.

Theannual tune up provides a thorough inspection of the system, enabling thetechnician to identify any components that are weakening, are faulty, in needof cleaning and/or lubrication. The annual air conditioning serviceenables your home’s HVAC to operate at peak efficiency, saving youmoney, maintaining your comfort, and extending the system’s service life byreducing wear and tear.

Equallyimportant for maintaining the systems performance and lifespan is changing therecommended air filter as the manufacture instructs. Routine filter changeshelp to maintain a cleaner system, reducing the frequency of airconditioning service and repairs, saving you even more money.

Inaddition, the following tips will assist you in cutting the cost of coolingyour home this summer:

·     Replace inefficient older appliances withenergy efficiency models.

·     Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms tosave energy.

·     Unplug electronics, and other devices whennot in use.

·     Avoid using the oven, as it heats up thehome. Instead, opt for outdoor grilling, a slow cooker, or microwave. You canalso serve cold meals such as salads, and sandwiches. If the oven is used, doso in the cool of the early morning.

·     Programmable thermostats can save as muchas 20% on the cost of cooling your home.

There is a variety of programmable thermostat types available for yourselection:

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat automatically adjusts the temperatureaccording to the schedule and settings you have programmed into it. The abilityto program a thermostat eliminates forgotten temperature adjustments, savingyou money by providing lower energy bills. The accuracy of a programmablethermostat is unsurpassed.


7-Day Thermostat

The 7-day thermostat provides the ability to program up to fourtemperature adjustments for each day. It is ideal for those with busyschedules.

5-1-1 Day

The 5-1-1 provides the ability to program up to four temperatureadjustments during the weekdays, and different settings for Saturday andSunday. This option is ideal for families who work a routine Monday throughFriday schedule, and need flexibility for the weekend.

5-2 Day

The 5-2 thermostat allows up to four temperature settings for theweekdays and allows a different schedule for both days of the weekend.

Learning Thermostats

A learning thermostat “learns” based on your manually selectedpreferences over a specific period. While the features vary between brands,some include the ability to auto adjust the thermostat when the home isunoccupied, guide you to energy-efficient settings, provide an alert for adirty filter or the need for air conditioning service, and providemonthly energy reports. In addition, they can connect to the home’s Wi-Finetwork, enabling you to monitor, and manage remotely from a computer,smartphone, or tablet.

If you need programmable thermostat installation orreplacement, or other air conditioning service, give us a call. ACypress professional HVAC technician will assist you with your questionsand ensure you receive a thermostat that is compatible with your home’s system.We serve Katy, Plano, and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating and AirConditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.