Programmable Thermostat | Heating and Air Conditioning

Programmable Thermostat | Heating and Air Conditioning

The programmable thermostat can greatly improveyour comfort and the energy efficiency of your home. Even the basic digitalthermostat will provide energy savings on the cost of heating and airconditioning your home. A programmable thermostat is one means for savingmoney on the energy bill year round, and offers features a basic digitalthermostat cannot. For example, a programmable thermostat can beprogrammed to fit your schedule. This means it automatically raises thetemperature for the AC when no one is home, and lowers it prior to your arrivalback home, enabling you to enter a comfortable home, rather than waiting for itto cool down. During the winter, it provides the same convenience with thefurnace. The programmable thermostat offers greater temperature accuracy, andgreater comfort while reducing wear and tear on the heating and airconditioning system.

There are a number of measures you can provide toimprove energy efficiency, in addition to a programmable thermostat, including:

l Seal cracks and gaps in the foundation andwalls. 

l Caulk windows and replace weather stripping 

l Shut off lights in unoccupied rooms or installmotion sensors for lighting

l Reseal ducts

l Add insulation

l Install Energy Star appliances

l Install a new high efficiency HVAC system

l Routinely change the air filter as recommended

l Provide annual or biannual HVAC maintenance

l Install a ceiling fan

A programmable thermostat is one of thesimplest means of saving energy. They are available with a variety of features,from programming a simple schedule to all the benefits and features of Smartthermostats and WI-FI technology. With a WI-FI enabled programmable thermostatyou can control the climate inside your home. This is provided by remotelycontrolling the settings while you are away at work or on vacation with aSmartPhone, tablet or computer. 

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats offer the latest technologythat allows you to remotely control the home’s temperature. With a WI-FIenabled Smart thermostat you can control the climate inside your home while youare away at work or on vacation with a SmartPhone, tablet or computer. 

While features vary between brands and models,Smart thermostats a number of benefits, such as models capable of integratingwith security systems, electrical systems and even offer learning models thatdevelop a program based on the personal preferences you select over a period oftime.

Programmable thermostats eliminate wasted energyand provide a greater accuracy of temperature. In addition, a programmedschedule also reduces the wear and tear of unnecessary usage on the home’sheating and air conditioning.

If you are considering the installation of aprogrammable thermostat, contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningrepresentative today for answers to your questions or to scheduleinstallation. 

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