Programmable Thermostat | Heating and Air Conditioning

Programmable Thermostat | Heating and Air Conditioning

Programmable Thermostat | Heating and Air Conditioning

Conventional HVAC thermostats serve their purpose, though they are unable to provide the precise control over comfort and reduced energy consumption that a programmable thermostat is able to deliver for your heating and air conditioning.

When shopping thermostats for a new air conditioning installation or when it is time for a thermostat replacement, a variety of programmable thermostat options are available that will deliver the extent of control you desire over the home’s heating and air conditioning and the indoor environment.

Programmable thermostats can vary widely in their features, though they all deliver a few design upgrades that set them apart from conventional thermostats:

Complete environmental control: Programmable thermostats provide homeowners with the ability to program temperature settings for their comfort requirements on a schedule. In addition, some offer controls compatible with humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and ventilators, providing complete control over HVAC systems and the comfort level of their environment.

Energy and money savings: The control a programmable thermostat provides will save energy and to reduce the home or business’s carbon footprint. It is a waste of energy and money to operate the heating and air conditioning at normal levels when it is not occupied.

Programmable thermostats provide the ability to program temperature adjustments for automatic control, according to the pre-set schedule. Furthermore, forgetting to reset it when you leave will no longer be an issue, and family members will come home to a comfortable home. This feature results in reduced energy consumption when no one is home, and provides the desired comfort level when family or employees arrive.

Programmable thermostats offer various features depending upon the model, such as the ability to program different settings for each day of the week. Other models provide the ability to set weekday programs and separate weekend settings.

Recommended Temperatures

The recommended temperatures to save energy and maintain comfort are as follows:

During the summer, maintain a temperature of 78° F when the home is occupied. For each degree above this that the temperature is raised, you will save approximately 1% on energy costs.

During the winter, maintain a temperature of 68° F while you are awake, and 65°F when sleeping. During the hours when the home is unoccupied, a setting of 55°F will prevent frozen pipes while increasing energy savings of 1% for each degree the temperature is reduced. An additional benefit of temperature management is the reduced wear and tear on the heating and air conditioning system, resulting in an extended life span.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are programmable thermostats with state-of-the-art features providing mobile control of the home environment and other features. These features include automatic schedules, the ability for remote adjustment, manually activation notification, and energy savings reports that guide you to energy efficient settings for the home’s heating and air conditioning. In addition, smart thermostats offer the capability of detecting and adapting to the family’s schedule with little effort from you.

The smart thermostat provides control remotely through Wi-Fi connectivity. Options include the ability to work in conjunction with home automation, and can work in conjunction with a security system, operating compatible LED lights to provide the appearance of the home being occupied.

Finally, all thermostats require a location on an interior wall away from direct sunlight, drafts, doorways, skylights, and windows. Never place furniture in front of the thermostat as this will block natural air movement and result in poor performance. When selecting a programmable thermostat, ensure a convenient location for programming.

If you are interested in the installation of either a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat contact our certified professionals for additional information. Our professionals provide reliable heating and air conditioning services including repair, installation and maintenance. You can rely upon our experienced HVAC technicians’ expertise to meet or exceed industry standards, and provide you with first quality HVAC services.

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