Programmable Thermostats

Now you can control and improve heating and cooling convenience with wireless control. If you are in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, you can contact us to install a programmable thermostat ideal for your home. We provide a wide variety of control for central heating systems. Our trained professionals can tailor the plan to your needs. We offer expert installation of compensator control and adjust the boiler burner accordingly. We set ourselves apart from other companies in the area by providing top-quality products and competitive pricing.

What is a Programmable Thermostat?

When it comes to shrinking your energy bills, a heating and cooling comfort plan that hinges on a programmable thermostat is a great place to start. As you can see, heat and air conditioning account for around forty-six percent of your yearly energy expenses on average. However, with a programmable thermostat, it’s possible to save money.

Programmable thermostats are designed so that it helps to save energy which in turn helps to get more savings from your furnace. They are a great way to make your energy bills smaller without lifting a finger except to do the programming, of course. Programmable thermostats are the ones you can set to do different things at different times.

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When You Need to Replace or Repair Thermostat?

When the utility bill starts to increase, you have uneven temperatures in your home, or the thermostat does not turn on, it is time to consider a programmable thermostat.

Unique Features of a Programmable Thermostat

The unique features of a programmable thermostat include the following:

  • Includes an intelligent sensor that detects both occupancy and temperature
  • It has a touchscreen display that other thermostats do not have
  • It shows you both the indoor and outdoor humidity helping you prepare for the day to avoid any surprises.
  • Controllable remotely
  • It makes smart home integration easy to achieve.
  • Learns your temperature and schedule that you like in programs themselves to schedule automatically.
  • It adjusts itself to the eco mode when away from the house to save energy and costs. 
  • Get an alarm when something is not excellent in your home. 
  • Sleek and smart thermostat
  • Monitors air quality 

Advantages of Programmable Thermostats

Let’s have a look at its advantages. You can avoid overheating or cooling. Today’s best programmable thermostats feature the automatic changeover feature, where you can set your heating setpoints, and you’re cooling setpoints, and your thermostat will determine which function is running. Several people use this during the changeover seasons, and it can add comfort to your home.

Another feature of programmable thermostats is you can already have your home pre-heated or cooled before you get there. In the wintertime, all the articles in your home, the floor, the wall, and the furniture can already be warm, making it much more comfortable than just coming in and turning on the heat in the summertime.

You also gain energy efficiency. There are many reasons to consider installing programmable thermostats; some of the obvious ones are turning it back at night, not wasting energy, and heating and cooling your home when you’re asleep. You want to make sure that you don’t leave your unit running to the same temperature as during waking hours.

Generally, you save the most when you program your thermostat to automatically set your furnace temperature back and lower or raise your air conditioning temperatures up higher for at least 10 hours during the day and eight hours at night.

The thermostat has intelligent sensors to detect when you are home or away to adjust the temperature accordingly. The smart home and away feature saves you money by reducing the energy when you are out and accommodating when you return home.

You can control the thermostat remotely from your phone, tablet, or laptop anywhere you are. Unlike an old thermostat smart models can analyze how you use your energy.

You can get monthly energy reports to help you develop an efficient system that works to your advantage.

Connect With Your Smartphone

Most thermostats connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, and Samsung Smart Things. The smart thermostat screen displays the details for easy visibility, and you can monitor your energy consumption history using the app on your device.

Sleek and Smart Look

In the house, for a smart look, you can change the display on the thermostat screen to match your decor and keep the wall neat and lovely to look at.

Controls HVAC System

Connecting it to a Wi-Fi network and downloading an app like Nexia for programmable thermostats means you can control your HVAC systems with any mobile device today. Now we’re seeing why it’s called a smart thermostat. It learns your behavior and creates a heating and cooling schedule based on your habits.

Dehumidify Home

By having your thermostat reduce the temperature, you can dehumidify your home, thus having a cool house and more comfortable home with the moisture is removed.

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