Proper Maintenance Prevents Costly Air Conditioning Repair | Katy

Proper Maintenance Prevents Costly Air Conditioning Repair | Katy

Duct Maintenance | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Indoor air quality is frequently worse than the outdoor air. The EPA estimates that indoor air pollution can be as much as five times worse than pollution levels outdoors. This is bad news for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. If your home is experiencing bad air quality, give us a call for duct maintenance and/or heating and air conditioning repair in Katy.

An energy efficient home is built to reduce air infiltration and the escape of conditioned air. While energy efficiency is good for saving on the costs of heating and air conditioning, it prevents any fresh air from entering and can worsen air quality and increase the health concerns for the occupants, especially those with health problems.

It seems to be one of those situations where you can’t win for losing. However, there is a solution to improve the air quality, while maintaining comfort and energy efficiency. The first step is to ensure your home’s HVAC ductwork is clean, insulated, sealed and intact. Maintenance of the duct system is a task that will improve air quality and efficiency. With winter just around the corner a good time to take care of this chore is now before the temperature drops.

Clean Ducts

Cleaning inside the ducts is only required when and if necessary. Ducts will require prompt cleaning if you detect mold, signs of vermin or insects inside the ductwork. Contact a pest control expert if needed, and have the ducts thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, the health hazards and effects will worsen for those with asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues.

Seal Ducts

The duct system can leak air, allowing conditioned air out, and potentially contaminated air in, due the loosening of seals, holes in the duct or separation of duct pipes. The duct system is more than simply a delivery of air. There are several factors involved in duct design and installation requiring a specific size that is compatible with the home’s HVAC system. Holes, loose seals or pipes all will affect the balance of the entire system.

As a consequence, the HVAC system can be overworked, increasing wear resulting in increased heating and air conditioning repair in Katy and a reduced life-span of the system. Furthermore, elevated energy bills with reduced efficiency and performance will occur. An example of the potential for adverse effects upon air quality is best understood by a duct system beneath a home with a crawlspace. Leaky ducts can result in potentially stale air and dust from beneath the home being introduced into the home, and into the HVAC system potentially requiring it to be professionally cleaned.

When you will be providing the inspection of ducts yourself, use the following tips:

Ductwork often runs through tight spaces such as a crawlspace, making the location of leaks, and often their repair, difficult. To make it easier to locate leak sources, turn the HVAC fan on the thermostat to the “On” rather than automatic. This will cause the fan to run until you return it to automatic, assisting you to find leaks while inspecting the ducts.

If you find areas requiring resealing, turn off the HVAC fan and apply mastic sealant, metal tape, or aerosol sealant to repair any leaks. Loose pipe connections should be reconnected and sealed. Damaged ductwork will affect the system pressure, as well as cause leaks. Replacement of damaged ductwork should only be provided by a certified HVAC technician to provide heating and air conditioning repair in Katy.

Give us a call to schedule a certified, professional HVAC technician to provide heating and air conditioning repair in Katy of your home’s ductwork.


Insulation will help to conserve the conditioned air produced by the HVAC system year round. Consequently, energy consumption will be reduced, along with unnecessary wear and tear on the HVAC system, reducing the need for heating and air conditioning repair in Katy. It is especially beneficial to insulate duct running through the attic or the crawlspace. Select the appropriate R-value insulation for your homes location for the greatest effectiveness.


Have you had your furnace tuned-up for the winter? Give us a call, our reliable experts will inspect, clean, tune-up and provide any necessary heating and air conditioning repair in Katy. Annual maintenance ensures the system is running at its peak efficiency.

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