Protecting Your Home HVAC System

Protecting Your Home HVAC System

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Preventing Copper Theft

Each year as temperatures start to rise so also does the incidence of copper theft. The rising cost of copper can only spur more thefts nationwide, as thieves steal copper from air conditioners, wire and copper pipes. Empty homes and new construction sites have even become the scene of thieves completely stripping copper wiring, plumbing and air conditioning from homes. Thieves then take the stolen goods to recycling centers to collect cold hard cash.

Last year a trucking company had aluminum wheels stolen from trucks sitting idle at the place of business. The business owner was able to track his stolen wheels down, and prove they were his by identifying them. He had marked each wheel, and even had photographs to back up his method of marking. Because the recycling center had a record of the driver’s license information on those who sell them recyclable metal, the thieves were identified and prosecuted. This method can work on any item that may be stolen from your home. Utilize the following methods for preventing copper theft can assist in tracking, deterring and stopping thieves from stealing the valuable copper in your HVAC system.

Make your mark on copper

Paint accessible sections of copper with a noticeable color. Recycling centers say to use brightly colored paint to catch their attention, when spotted they will call the police. If there is room, in addition to paint you can use a permanent ink marker to write, for example, a phone number or address. Use this method safely, if you must remove cover plates to access copper for marking ensure the power supply is cut off at the breaker box before removing any covers or request your HVAC technician provide this service this spring when you schedule a pre-season tune-up of your air conditioning.

HVAC alarm systems

Alarm systems are available for outdoor condensing units to stop thieves in their tracks. The alarms work by detecting interruption of voltage, loss of refrigerant and tampering. These alarms utilize a very loud siren, dial a phone and may use other security measures. Talk to your Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional for an installation of an HVAC security system.

Use motion sensor lighting

Motion sensor lighting can often frightens thieves away, especially for those homes not in isolated areas. Thieves like to operate out of sight, and shedding some light on them can make them decide against robbing your home.

Security cameras with recording ability

Security cameras that have a means of recording images can not only deter thieves but aid police in the capture of identified thieves. As thieves often steal security cameras the recommended location is in an inaccessible area such as near a roof.

Participate in your neighborhood watch system

Neighbors watching out for each other helps to deter thieves. If your neighborhood doesn’t have one talk with members of the community about starting one.

Install an air conditioning cage

Air conditioner cages can prevent theft of the unit and/or stripping of copper. Priced at up to $400-500 plus shipping, it may seem an expensive solution, but when you consider the cost of a new condensing unit it is well worth it, especially if your homeowners insurance prorates what they pay and charge the deductible. Property Armor is one provider or you can contact your Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning technician for further information.

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