Remote Control Settings You Should Test And Use After An <strong>Air Conditioner Installation</strong> | <strong>The Woodlands, TX</strong>

Remote Control Settings You Should Test And Use After An Air Conditioner Installation | The Woodlands, TX

With the many advancements in air conditioning technology, it shouldn’t worry you when you realize that you are being confused by the complex symbols and names on the remote control of your air conditioner. You most likely only know the cooling and heating modes. However, AC remote controls are nowadays equipped with several features for convenience. Hence, after an air conditioner installation, you should familiarize yourself with the remote control and read through the manual. Knowing the modes might be the difference between a properly running system and one that will require AC repairs because or cannot sufficiently cool your The Woodlands, TX home.

Cool Mode

Cooling mode is the setting that most homeowners associate with air conditioning systems. In cooling mode, the AC unit turns on the compressor and then pushes the cooled air into your room. Whenever the internal sensor senses that the unit has reached the thermostat-set temperatures, the compressor switches off, and only the fan is left running. Cooling mode is the most energy-intensive setting on your AC remote control gadget. If you have set very low temperatures, the higher compressor running time. Ensure that an air conditioner installation technician comes over for maintenance to ensure that the unit in cooling mode reaches the set temperatures quickly.

Fan Mode

When you activate the fan mode, the internal fan can circulate the air within your room without cooling, akin to what a fan does. Using this mode, the unit doesn’t use the compressor, meaning energy savings. However, you should note that the unit doesn’t cool the air in this mode. Rather it only blows the existing air at your home. The air conditioner installation technician should lubricate the fans to ensure that the fan runs appropriately.

Dry Mode

Do you live in a highly humid area? Then you should be familiar with the dry mode setting on your AC. The dry mode is the perfect setting on a day when the humidity is high but the temperature is not too unbearable. The compressor’s time is adjusted based on the humidity level detected by the AC’s internal sensor, turning off once the humidity reaches satisfactory. Retain the help of an air conditioner installation technician to service the unit to effectively remove the excess moisture from the air.

Freeze Protection (FP) Mode

Also known as Low Heat (LH), this mode runs the air conditioner at minimum power to maintain a temperature of around 46 F to prevent freezing. It’s ideal for The Woodlands, TX homes in extremely cold climates and unoccupied spaces to prevent damage to electrical equipment and water pipes. Do you have a garage, outhouse/shed where the above-freezing temperature is needed, but occupancy is minimal? Air conditioner installation professionals recommend that you use this mode.

Heat Mode

In heating mode, the airflow direction in the air conditioner is reversed. Rather than pushing hot air out into the exteriors, the unit brings warm air to the room and expels the heated air outside. The compressor is involved in this operation. Hence, most homeowners use this mode in cooler seasons.

Eco Mode

This is an energy-efficient mode in most modern air conditioning remote controls. Energy efficiency is achieved by using the fan and the compressor. Different air conditioner brands use different methods, like setting the desired temperatures slightly higher and then turning off the compressor while ensuring the fan speed is constant to maintain the thermostat set temperatures without using more energy. You can further enhance the eco-friendliness of your AC by having an air conditioner installation technician install a smart thermostat.

Auto Mode

The homeowner can control and maintain the desired temperatures in auto mode by adjusting the fan speed and compressor. Upon reaching the desired temperatures, the compressor is turned off, and the fan’s speed is adjusted. If there are any temperature changes, the compressor is turned on again to reach the required temperature immediately. Further, the fan can be turned off to save energy once the system reaches the desired temperatures.

Turbo Mode

To reach your desired temperatures quickly, you can use turbo mode, which uses maximum power. Since the energy use is high, this mode should only be used for a short time and in extreme temperatures. This mode can be useful if you just had an air conditioner installation in your The Woodlands, TX home and want to cool your space quickly.

Self-Cleaning Mode

This mode is essential as it prevents the accumulation of moisture and dirt inside the air conditioner. Do you live in hot, humid climates? You should use this mode frequently as it helps keep the evaporator clean and dry, ensuring that the air conditioner is fresh and ready for use. However, this doesn’t mean that this mode should only be used in hot, humid areas. With this mode, you can rest assured that you will breathe clean, safe air devoid of contaminants. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have an air conditioner installation technician clean the unit during a maintenance visit.

Follow-Me Mode

With the latest advancements in HVAC technology, you no longer have to endure uneven room temperatures or hot spots. One such feature is the Follow-Me mode, available in smart air conditioners. This mode utilizes the AC remote as a thermostat and the temperature sensor in the AC unit itself. When the Follow-Me mode is activated, the air conditioning unit takes readings from the temperature of the area where the remote is located and adjusts the settings accordingly. Hence, an air conditioner installation technician installs a unit with this feature for more effective cooling and heating.

Ensure You Read the User Manual

The user manual with the air conditioner and remote-control gadget is a treasure trove of information. Have you gone through it and still have questions about the various modes? Contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for more information and advice. We are the best when it comes to AC services.

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