Repair or Have a New Air Conditioning Installation

Repair or Have a New Air Conditioning Installation

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The Decision to Repair or Replace an Air Conditioner

The general guidelines regarding the decision to repair or replace an air conditioner are its age, maintenance history and the repair estimate. If the system is more than 10 years old, with a history of frequent repairs, and poor maintenance and service have been provided, replacement may be the best option. If the repair estimate is half or greater the cost of a new model, replacement with a new air conditioning installation will be the most logical solution. Today’s central air conditioners are by far more energy efficient than the average 10 year old system at the end of its service life.

Air Conditioning and Energy Efficiency

The efficiency rating of an air conditioner is important to consider in Texas. Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and high-efficiency central A/Cs and heat pumps start with a SEER of 16. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient the unit will be. Installing a SEER 16 or higher air conditioner will save you tremendously through the years. Higher-efficiency air conditioning systems provide exceptional comfort with a better distribution of cooling and better dehumidification. When you are purchasing a new air conditioning system, select the most energy efficient model your budget will tolerate for air conditioning installation.

Your new central air conditioning system will provide the best performance, and the greatest energy savings with an energy efficient home. An energy audit may reveal areas that could use an update, such as sealing air leaks and boosting insulation.

Home-efficiency upgrades may affect your cooling need. For example, prior to upgrades your home may have required a 3 ton air conditioner, whereas after upgrades your home may require a 2.5 ton air conditioner. In return, this will decrease not only your energy costs, but will likely decrease the cost of the unit as well, or enable you to purchase a higher grade model with more features for air conditioning installation.

Receiving the correct size of air conditioner for your home depends upon a number of factors such as how many people live in the home, the home’s square footage, type and number of windows and the direction they face, the amount of insulation, the amount of sunlight the home receives, the home’s location and other considerations. The initial determination of these factors is important, as an undersized unit will run too often and provide inefficient cooling, whereas an oversized unit will not run long enough to remove adequate humidity, resulting in humidity issues and an uncomfortable home. When you use Cypress Heating and Air, you are ensured of a professional air conditioning installation from start to finish.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides certified and experienced HVAC technicians. Our technicians have the expertise to ensure you receive the correct size system for your home, correctly installed for the best performance and comfort, with a number of options to fit almost any budget.

With our line of Carrier products you receive the nation’s top rated heating and air conditioning systems for reliability, as well as energy efficiency. Our dedicated technicians provide heating and air conditioning repair in Katy, service and maintenance as well as new air conditioning installation for your home in Katy and the surrounding regions. We provide 24 hour emergency services for your comfort. Thanks for visiting Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning.