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Repair or Replace AC | Katy Texas

Repair or Replace | AC Repair Katy

A functional HVAC is fundamental to your home’s comfort. In the cold of winter, having heat isn’t simply a comfort measure, when the temperatures are deeply cold, heat can be fundamental to survival. Unfortunately, like any other mechanical device, the heating and air conditioning system will eventually wear out. With winter currently fully involved, if you’re experiencing furnace problems, you may be wondering whether it’s in your best interest to repair or replace it. With age, the system’s efficiency will deteriorate, and when repetitive furnace or AC repair in Katy affects both its reliability and your budget, it is time to consider replacement. The decision isn’t always this clear cut.

Your HVAC technician can assess your HVAC system, and determine whether furnace repair or replacement is the ideal solution.

When Repair Is Best

In most cases, furnace problems can be repaired by a NATE-certified, HVAC professional. When the furnace is less than 10 years old, repair will typically resolve its issues. In addition, if the furnace is still heating efficiently, repair is likely the logical choice. From the homeowner’s perspective, a continuing increase in the energy bill and uneven heating indicates the furnace is not performing efficiently.

Generally, when furnace repairs cost one-third of the cost of a new heating system, and your furnace in the first half of its predicted lifetime, repair is likely your best choice. For example, if a ten year old HVAC system required repairs for the past two years and is in need of heating or AC repair in Katy again, consider the previous charges plus the current cost of repair. If the three repairs equal one-third of the cost of a new system, purchasing a new system is the optimal choice.

In addition, keep in mind that other factors may be affecting the system’s performance and efficiency. The thermostat may need to be replaced if the system is operating irregularly, and the ductwork may need resealing. A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional is your best source for determining the condition of your home’s current HVAC system, its condition, and the advisability of whether to repair or replace.

When Replacement Is Best

The expected lifespan of a well maintained HVAC system is 15-20 years. Keep in mind your system operates year round. As age and use create wear on components, an increased frequency in heating and AC repair in Katy will eventually occur. It stands to reason when a 15 year old system is experiencing increased repairs due to worn out components, it is time for replacement.

Homeowners need to be aware that the quality of installation and proper sizing of the HVAC system is crucial to its longevity and performance. Perhaps your system is fairly new, and is experiencing repetitive heating and AC repair in Katy.

Setting a new unit based on the home’s square footage isn’t the only consideration. There are a number of factors the installer must equate into accurately configuring the system your home needs. For example, the number and size of windows, the direction they face, and their insulating ability is one factor. How well insulated the home is, and a number of other factors must be considered. Otherwise, you may end up with a system that is undersized, and therefore overworked, resulting in a system that wears out quickly, and breaks down often requiring consistent heating and AC repair in Katy.

If your furnace isn’t sized or installed properly, you should consider replacing the system in order to receive proper operation and maximum efficiency, and less wear and tear resulting in frequent heating and AC repair in Katy. Ensure that you hire a qualified HVAC company to avoid these issues. For professional assistance in your repair or replace decision of your home’s furnace or HVAC system, contact Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning today. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.