Repair or Replace | Air Conditioning Installation

Repair or Replace | Air Conditioning Installation

When homeowner’s experience the need for frequentrepairs of a HVAC system, thequestion of when to repair or replace is often asked. The answer dependson the individual situation, with consideration given to factors such as thesystem’s age, the frequency of maintenance, history of repair, and others. A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional is your best source for determining whetherrepair or replacement is the ideal solution. You can rely on the expertise, ofCypress certified HVAC technicianfor heating and air conditioning installation, repair and service.

Routinemaintenance is essential for the long-term performance and lifespan of the HVACsystem. However, eventually age, wear and tear takes their toll, andheating and air conditioninginstallation of a new unit becomes necessary.

With a newinstallation, homeowner’s will receive the benefits a new unit provides withincreased reliability, and potential energy savings, especially if an Energy Star system is selected.

Besidesroutine maintenance, an additional factor that can affect the lifespan of theheating and air conditioning systemis the quality of air conditioning installation.There are a number of factors involved in determining the proper size systemfor your home or business. Often, less reputable HVAC installers will base theunit size on the square footage of your home. This single factor alone is notsufficient for proper sizing.

Problemsoccur in systems that are sized wrong. A system smaller than is required willbe overworked and experience premature wear, resulting in a reduced lifespan.System’s that are oversized will short cycle, failing to properly excessivehumidity during the cooling season, and potentially resulting in mold,discomfort due to excessive humidity, excessive energy use and premature wear.These are all reasons to insist on a qualified installer.

When Repairis Best

When asystem is relatively new, that is in the first half of its expected life span,repair may be the best option. However, if the system is 10 years old or olderand requiring frequent repairs, replacement is likely the best option. A systemof this age will not provide the efficiency it once did, and a new heating and air conditioning installation willprovide greater efficiency and higher performance.

Theinstallation of a new system provides a convenient time to inspect the home’senergy performance. Attic insulation can settle, for example, reducing itsinsulating factor. As a rule, if you can see the rafters, insulation needs tobe added. Furthermore, inspect the weather-stripping around doors, and caulkingof the windows. Sealing all cracks, gaps, and air leaks will also assist youwith energy conservation. In fact, energy upgrades may allow you to downsizethe unit requirements, potentially saving you even more money on installationand the energy bills.

A BenjaminFranklin professional will provide a comprehensive inspection of your home’sexisting HVAC system. Once thetechnician determines the condition, remaining lifespan, and current performanceof the existing system, you will be in the position of being able to make aninformed choice to repair or replace.Contact Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule air conditioning installation. We serveKaty, Plano, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with anA+ rating.