Repair or Replace Air Conditioning | Plano, TX

Repair or Replace Air Conditioning | Plano, TX

Repair or Replace HVAC | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

The majority of homeowners won’t replace aging heating and air conditioning equipment until it fails completely, or requires overly frequent repair. Manufacturers of heating and air conditioning equipment and the U. S. Department of Energy recommends automatic replacement at approximately 10 to 15 years for AC systems and 15 to 20 years for a furnace. When your homes HVAC is worn and requires frequent service, and you have to decide whether to repair or replace the HVAC , or if you are growing weary of providing frequent heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX, read on.

Automatic replacement provides the benefits of increased reliability and increased energy efficiency. Energy efficiency factors are periodically updated, requiring increased efficiency from manufacturers. Those that provide the greatest energy efficiency and reliability earn Energy Star approval, and provide potential tax, credit and rebate incentives for homeowners who purchase them.

For the majority of homeowners, being alert to signs of a failing HVAC system will provide the opportunity to schedule a new installation, rather than risk being at the mercy of the temperature when an unreliable and worn HVAC system requires replacement, or yet another heating or air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Signs that it’s Time to Replace a System


The heat exchanger in a gas furnace transfers the heat from the gas burners to the air that circulates through the system. When a heat exchanger or the burner develops cracks or holes, replacement of the furnace is needed.

Signs potentially indicating a bad heat exchanger include an exhaust odor and soot around heat registers in the home or surrounding the furnace itself. If you see water and/or corrosion is noted in the unit, have a qualified HVAC technician to inspect the furnace. A breach in the heat exchanger allows exhaust gases to mix with the system’s circulated air and can result in the presence of deadly carbon monoxide in the home. All homes using any type of gas appliance should have carbon monoxide detectors. If your CO2 detector(s) are alarming during the winter, have the furnace inspected immediately.

Air Conditioners

Central AC systems generally don’t last as long as furnaces will. A common sign that it’s time to replace your AC is an increased frequency of air conditioning repair in Plano, TX. The requirement for repair more than once in during the cooling season may be an indication of wear or damage to the AC system. Damage to additional components may occur when heating, or air conditioning repair in Plano, TX is delayed, when maintenance is neglected or when the failure of one component results in damage to other parts.

Worn HVAC systems typically experience reduced efficiency and provide poor performance, one of the reasons behind the industry’s recommendation for automatic replacement near the end of its expected service life.

Unusual and excessive noise may be an indication of a loose component, or a sign that the system needs to be replaced. Reduced efficiency may be indicated by unexplained rising costs of operation, such as an elevated power or gas bill. Another sign is poor performance. For example, when the air conditioner isn’t cooling your home as well as it once did, this could be a sign of worn components no longer able to function as they once did. Failure to provide the recommended periodic maintenance will shorten the service life of any HVAC system.

Compare Costs

The heating and air conditioning system is the biggest user of energy in your home. Therefore, the cost of operating it’s an important factor in determining when to replace it. For example, if the costs of air conditioning repair in Plano, TX on a 7 year old system will be approximately half the price of a new unit, should you repair or replace?

If you repair, you’ll have a system that may or may not continue to operate for an additional 7 years, before requiring replacement. On the other hand, by replacing now, you can achieve a more energy-efficient unit that will save on energy bills over the next 7 years or longer with less risk of requiring further air conditioning repair in Plano, TX, meaning you stand to save more on the cost of energy and repair in the long run.

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