Save on Cooling Costs This Summer in Katy, Texas | AC Repair in Cypress, TX

Save on Cooling Costs This Summer in Katy, Texas | AC Repair in Cypress, TX

During the summer months in Katy, Texas the first thing that comes to mind is cool drinks and ocean waves. The last thing on our mind is our electrical bill. The scorching heat in Katy can drive up electrical costs the more we need to use our air conditioning. Thankfully, there are ways we can cut back on cooling costs. It is surprisingly possible to save quite a bit on energy costs without having to invest that much in making it possible. Below we go over some tips to help put some money back in your wallet during this summer. 

Seal up Leaks and Drafts – Instead of letting money literally seep through the cracks and under your doors in your home, you can seal up your home. Inspect around your windows and under the doors of your home. If you can see daylight then you can bet that your conditioned air is escaping out of your home. For less than ten bucks you can get some caulk to seal up your windows and get some draft guards to install under your doors. 
Sun Block – No, not the kind you put on your skin. During the summer, sunlight coming through your windows or directly heating the walls or roof of your home can quickly increase the temperatures in your home. If you haven’t done so already you should consider purchasing a little on landscaping around your home. Consider planting leafy trees and / or shrubs around the exterior of your home to help block the sun from shining on it. If you are not ready then consider getting heavy curtains and blinds and closing up the windows during the particular hot and sunny days this summer. 
Oven & Stove Top – Whenever possible, skip using the oven and stove top entirely to help reduce indoor heat this summer. Summer is a great time to eat cold dinners or even fire up the grill. 
Maintenance – If you currently do not have your HVAC system routinely maintained then you should seriously consider contacting your local HVAC company and establishing a routine maintenance and cleaning for your system. With little or no maintenance, your system will not run as efficiently as it could and the less efficient your system is the more it’s going to cost you. Keep your filters replaced as necessary and keep your outside unit clean of debris. The more efficient your system, the less your power bill. 

Don’t set the bar to low – Consider adjusting your thermostat to a few degrees higher than you typically do. If you have it set at a 67, bring it up to 70 degrees. Adjusting the dial can do wonders to your energy bill; if only for just a couple of days a week. 

Frugality – Only use your AC when you need it. If you’re going to be gone during the day, don’t let it run all day long while you are gone, cut it off. If you have a smart or programmable thermostat, adjust it for the time you will be gone, and cut it on just before you get back home so you do not enter a sweltering home. If you are headed on a vacation, cut it off. 
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