Save on Heating & Air Conditioning with Carrier Heat Pumps

Save on Heating & Air Conditioning with Carrier Heat Pumps

Carrier Heat Pumps | Heating and Air Conditioning

When you are looking for a new heating and air conditioning system there are many factors to consider, and energy efficiency is at the top of almost everyone’s list. The Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence 25VNAO is the most highly rated heat pump by almost everyone’s standards. In 2012 this system earned the ENERGY STAR® most efficient qualification. This system is top-of-the-line among Carrier heat pumps and has a SEER of 20.5 and an HSPF of 13. When you want the best energy efficiency, top performance and greatest service reliability the Infinity Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence is the choice for your new heating and air conditioning system.

Your Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence system with its variable speed capacity control provides optimal heating capacity when the outdoor temperature drops. In the cooling mode, lower speed operation provides enhanced comfort and dehumidification. Variable speed technology will provide better humidity control than older systems lacking it.

All Carrier systems use Puron refrigerant which is an economically sound product. It won’t harm the ozone should a leak occur and provides a low lifetime service cost. Greenspeed Intelligence provides active monitoring of critical systems.

The system utilizes a crankcase heater to keep the lubricant warm during the off cycle. This improves the compressor lubrication on restart and minimizes the chance of sluggish liquid that may occur during winter.

The Carrier Infinity Greenspeed 25VNAO heat pump provides a variable speed compressor enabling it to deliver the exact amount of heating or cooling needed for perfectly balanced temperature in the home. It delivers from 25% to 100% in increments of 1% for precise delivery. Carrier utilizes a system of measures to provide quieter operation when the compressor operates. This model utilizes a top rated Infinity thermostat with various models available, including WI-FI, allowing you to operate the heating and air conditioning system when away from home.

No heating and air conditioning system operates maintenance free. As a homeowner, to extend service life, provide the greatest comfort and energy efficiency the following maintenance and practice by the homeowner is recommended.

  • Don’t block floor, wall or ceiling vents. Restricted air flow will reduce the system’s energy efficiency and its lifespan. Keep drapes, toys, furniture or other items from blocking vents.
  • Don’t block or cover the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit requires unrestricted airflow. Don’t cover it, place any object near it or allow grass, weeds, plants or grass clippings to accumulate on the sides or top of the outdoor unit. There must be at least a twelve inch minimum clearance between the unit and plants or other objects.
  • Keep the filter clean. This is one of the most important provisions the homeowner can provide to keep your heating and air conditioning system at peak performance and provide for an extended service life. A clogged air filter will increase operating costs and shorten the unit’s service life. Ensure the filter is properly installed.
  • Make it a habit to routinely check the condensate drain. The heat pump removes humidity from the air to provide a more comfortable environment during the summer season. Water that accumulates on the coil will trickle into a condensate pan and out the condensate drain. Occasionally check on the drain to ensure it is not stopped up, as a clogged drain can result in leakage of water from the unit. Homes in an extremely dry environment will have limited drainage.
  • If you live on the sea coast any heating and air conditioning system will generally require more maintenance due to the corrosive effects of the salty air. The Carrier system is made of galvanized metal and top performing paint, but you still will need to take the extra precaution of washing all exposed surfaces and the outdoor coil every 3 months. Your installer will be happy to provide the information you require, and you have the option of having your HVAC technician to provide regularly scheduled cleaning and inspection for you.
  • Routine maintenance from your dealer should be provided by a certified technician to ensure optimal performance and extended service life.

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We strive to provide prompt and efficient service with a swift resolution of your systems problems and/or the installation of a new heating and air conditioning systems. We appreciate your trusting us with your family’s comfort and look forward to serving you.