Seasonal Heating & Air Conditioning Tune Up | Furnace Repair

Seasonal Heating & Air Conditioning Tune Up | Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair | Heating and Air Conditioning

With fall officially in place it’s that time of the year again. Soon the leaves will sport their fall colors of brilliant reds and majestic gold. Numerous regions of the nation are already experiencing the cool crisp nights and early mornings that fall brings. As furnaces are turned on in heating and air conditioning systems, it invariably brings the question of “why does my furnace smell like something is burning?” In the following we will discuss the most likely cause, and the potential problems that can pose a threat to your family’s safety.

Heating systems are the second highest cause of house fires in the U.S. Neglecting a furnace with problems can potentially put you and your family, as well as your home in danger.

It’s normal for a furnace to have some odor. However, a burning odor may indicate a serious problem. When the furnace hasn’t been in use for a while, dust will settle on the burner. If there is a burning odor the first time you turn the furnace on, it is likely the dust burning off. The odor should fade fairly quickly, but if it persists you should have the furnace checked by an HVAC technician.

A dirty filter can be the source of additional dust being pulled into the heating and air conditioning system, causing an intermittent burning smell. A new, clean filter should eliminate this issue. The best approach is to install a new filter before the season begins and the furnace turned on. This protects the system from dust, which can damage components, provides cleaner air, promotes energy efficiency, and prevents the odor of burning dust.

Calling for your heating and air conditioning technician to provide a fall tune-up, inspection and cleaning will prevent burning dust. The dust in the burner when burned can leave a residue behind that will adversely affect the furnace’s performance.

The fall tune-up will ensure that the furnace is safe to operate. It will identify any problems and allow for repair that if caught early, will prevent it from becoming a larger and more costly problem later. By providing repair and replacement of worn parts in your heating and air conditioning system, you avoid the increased risk of failure during winter and reduce the risk of fire, and of deadly carbon monoxide or a gas leak filling the home from a faulty gas furnace.

Rotten Egg Odor

When operating normally, fossil fuel-fired furnaces can produce a faint burnt fuel scent. However, if the fuel scent is strong, there is a serious problem. The distinct rotten-egg odor of natural gas is a warning sign that your furnace or other gas-burning appliance is leaking gas. Get all occupants out of the house immediately and from a safe distance call 911, then your fuel provider. Once the gas is shut-off, you can call your HVAC technician for inspection and repair of your furnace.

Burning Wires

If you have ever smelled the insulation burning on a wire it is an odor you will likely recognize in the future. As electrical components and motors become worn you may notice the scent of burning wires or rubber. If you detect this odor shutting the furnace off can prevent further damage to the furnace, and potentially prevent a fire. Once the furnace is shut off, call your HVAC technician for furnace repair.

Preventative maintenance during the fall tune-up can save lives. Over time, gas furnaces can develop rust and holes in the burner chamber, and ventilation flues may become clogged. This can cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to fill the home. Always have carbon monoxide detectors in homes that use gas or any other fossil fuel for heating in your heating and air conditioning system.

Routine inspection and service is always important to maintain efficient and safe operation of any heating and air conditioning system. If you haven’t already had your HVAC system cleaned, inspected and tuned up for winter, schedule an appointment now. You can beat the seasonal rush with a tune-up and the furnace can be inspected to ensure safety and proper and efficient operation.

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