Should You Have An <strong>AC Repair Company</strong> Install A Hard Start Kit On Your HVAC System | <strong>Katy, TX</strong>

Should You Have An AC Repair Company Install A Hard Start Kit On Your HVAC System | Katy, TX

Do you have an HVAC system at your home? Then you have heard of an HVAC hard-start kit and wondered, do I need one? Unless the HVAC system is too old and having problems starting, you don’t. If you have enough money to buy a new system and pay an AC repair company for installation, then you DON’T need one. But what’s a hard start kit? How does this device help your Katy, TX home air conditioner? This article will teach you about this device and when and how to use it.

What’s an HVAC Hard Start Kit?

It is like a start capacitor. A hard start kit is an electronic/electrical device for resolving HVAC hard starting problems. However, you must first understand the working of an AC compressor when the unit learns how the hard start kit works. Essentially, a compressor is your heating and air conditioning system’s heart. It is what powers the air conditioner. The compressor is the hardest working part of an HVAC system. You will hear a whirring sound when the compressor starts the cooling cycle. Hence, any problem with the compressor will make the AC inoperable and should be attended to by an AC repair company.

As the compressor raises the temperature and the pressure of the refrigerant, there is a metering device that reduces the pressure and temperature of the same. The hard start kit does two critical things for your HVAC compressor. It reduces the compressor’s start-up period, and the power used to jump-start it. It will take the compressor over 4 times more power to start and run without the start capacitor. This power surge will increase the electrical current during start-up, resulting in excessive heat that could damage the compressor and other components of the HVAC system. Such problems will require to be handled by an experienced AC repair company.

Without the start capacitor, the HVAC compressor has a torque efficiency of about 50%. However, this increases to about 98% with an HVAC hard start kit. This means that the HVAC system takes considerably less time to shift to run mode from start mode with high torque efficiency. This transition is also smoother. As a result, your HVAC system lasts longer. So, doesn’t it then make sense that you should have an AC repair company near you install a start capacitor to your HVAC system? Yes! HVAC manufacturers used to produce AC units that had inbuilt start capacitors.

What Are the Causes of Hard Starting?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons for the HVAC system to experience this particular issue. Fortunately, knowing them will help you find a solution and also know then to have an AC repair company inspect your system. One of the reasons for hard starting is when the capacitors lose their ability to store enough charge for the start motors. Without sufficient charge, the capacitor cannot send enough power to the AC motors that start and keep the compressor running. Most capacitor issues are caused by heat.

The other cause of hard starting is damaged compressor motors because of lack or loss of lubrication. If the compressor doesn’t have enough lubrication, it tightens up, and its movement is inhibited. Hard starting is also a sign that your air conditioning unit is damaged and up for replacement. Your AC repair company can confirm this when they send someone for a maintenance visit. However, it is worth noting that replacing the hard-starting HVAC unit is sometimes economically better than repeated repairs.

Signs of Hard Starting

What are the warning signs of hard starting AC? One sign is short cycling. Short-cycling compressors start-up, run for a short while, and then stop. This means the compressor doesn’t have sufficient stored energy for powering the HVAC and cooling or heating your home. The other sign that the HVAC system has a hard-starting problem is when you hear a clicking or loud noise from your air conditioning system. The clicking sound indicates that the capacitor has failed and requires a replacement by an AC repair company in Katy, TX. Remember, too much strain on your HVAC and short cycling will increase energy consumption.

Who Requires an Air Conditioning Hard Start Kit?

Your air conditioner requires TLC, just like any other appliance at your home. Even before the compressor begins showing any damage, you should have an AC repair company service it. When is a hard start kit required? If you want your AC to serve you longer or have noticed that the circuit breaker trips whenever you turn on the system, consider purchasing the kit. You also need a hard start kit when the compressor has started to show signs of hard starting or when you have no money for HVAC repairs or replacements.

Different Types of HVAC Hard Start Kits

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Hard Start Kit

PTC is a 2-wire kit that uses ceramic parts to remove the circuit’s capacitor. Because the PTC component can heat up within a second, there is no need for a capacitor. Because of its 2-wire feature, a PTC hard start kit is considered more convenient and easier to install.


The potential mechanical relay (MPR) hard start kits take capacitors out from a circuit after the compressor reaches 80% capacity. They rely on electromotive force. Compared to PTC, these kits are more reliable and are recommended by many professionals. You should call your reliable AC repair company in Katy, TX for guidance on choosing the right kit for your air conditioning system.

If you are experiencing this problem, contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Our technicians can repair your HVAC system to ensure you do not need to purchase a hard start kit. However, if your system is too old and experiencing this problem and you don’t have money to replace it, our technicians can help you choose the right kit.

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