Should You Repair or Get a New Air Conditioning Installation?

Should You Repair or Get a New Air Conditioning Installation?

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The decision to repair or place a heating and air conditioning system can be a difficult decision for the homeowner. If you are facing another repair, it is important to consider that this trend may continue with an aging system, costing you a lot of money just trying to keep it operating. The types, features and energy efficiency of the numerous HVAC systems available on the market today may seem overwhelming to some homeowners by the sheer number of choices when your decision is for a new heating and air conditioning installation. Your HVAC technician can assist you in selecting the system your home and family requires within your budget and goals.

If you are debating between the repairs your current HVAC system requires versus replacement first ask yourself just how much you are averaging paying in repairs. If it is requiring repair twice or more a year and costing $300 to $ 500 or more annually you should probably be considering a new heating and air conditioning installation.

The next question that will play a major roll on your decision is whether or not your existing system uses R-22 refrigerant. R-22 is no longer manufactured and the current supply is rapidly being depleted, and increasing in cost. If your system consistently leaks refrigerant it is probably time to consider a new system. If this is your situation, it will save money in the long run to simply replace the system. The typical service life of a central air conditioner is approximately 10-15 years, whereas the service life for a furnace is more along 15-20 years.

An additional problem that commonly occurs is the weakening compressor of an older central air conditioning system. When this occurs you simply are not receiving peak efficiency. When the compressor finally quits pumping, you will have no choice but to consider whether to replace the compressor, or opt for a new air conditioning installation. A new compressor in some systems can be very costly and simply won’t justify replacement on an old system at the end of its service life. Furthermore, a new compressor places an additional factor to consider into play. That is the fact of a new strongly pumping compressor may cause pin holes to pop out in weakened and aged cooling lines, evaporator coils and condensing coils. It is simply a chance to take when replacing a compressor in an older system

Buying an Energy Star system can actually pay for your new system with energy savings over a reasonable amount of time, and in some cases it may do so in just a few years. Plus, there may be tax credits or rebates on the purchase of your new Energy Star system providing you further assistance on the initial cost of replacement. If your current system is an older one, you can expect as much as a 30% reduction in energy costs by replacing it. Your cost of a new heating and air conditioning installation, and the potential savings with an energy efficient system will depend upon the system selected and your home’s requirements.

Another point to consider is if you plan to move within a few years. In this case it may not benefit you to replace the entire system. As long as the components are available it is feasible to continue repairing an aging system for quite some time. If you have to repair your current system repeatedly an additional repair may meet your short term needs, but eventually the system will have reached the end of its service life.

When you are considering replacement it is a good idea to ask your HVAC technician the condition of your existing unit. For example, if you are having a lot of electrical components to burn out in the central air but the compressor is pumping in the normal range and coolant leaks aren’t a problem, the only real benefit to a new energy efficient system over your 10 year old system may be the savings in the utility bill. Any part will eventually wear out, but if your aging system has been routinely maintained and is in great shape other than minor parts requiring replacement, you should perhaps consider the option of repair rather than a complete heating and air conditioning installation.

In summary the factors to consider is first how much is it costing you for repairs on your current system, how much you can save on energy with a new system and what it will cost you for a new heating and air conditioning installation as well as your ability to afford it.

Cypress Heating and Cooling’s experienced and certified HVAC professionals will be happy to provide the repair or the heating and air conditioning installation you require. Our goal is to keep you and your family comfortable, and you can count on us to provide a professional and honest assessment of your HVAC’s problem and repair or replacement.