Should You Repair or Replace Your Heating and AC System? | Cypress, TX

It is a question that many homeowners struggle with. Should you repair or replace your heating and AC system? Even though there are no headfast rules, there are a few things that may influence your decision.

Your HVAC system is a valuable investment. You should try your best to get the best out of it. Unfortunately, you may not always know what to do. No matter how well you maintain your system, there comes a time when you may have to replace it. An old HVAC system comes with issues such as growing energy bills and reduced quality of indoor air. If you are unsure whether you should get a heating and AC repair or replacement, contact the experts at Cypress Heating and Air.

Whether you are considering moving out or trying to remedy your increasing energy bills, you need to make an informed decision. Making a bad decision could cost you a lot of money and time.

There following are a few tips to guide you when you need a HVAC repair or replacement in Cypress, TX.

1.Energy Efficiency

If you are trying to improve the energy efficiency of your system, consider replacing it. If your system is old, it may not have modern efficiency features. If your furnace has 10 SEER and 78% AFUE, you only enjoy the minimum operating efficiencies. Modern systems are great for improving energy efficiency. If your system is over 10 years old, it is time to replace it. Generally, you should change your HVAC system every 10 to 15 years. Invest in a modern, durable system. If your AC unit is over ten years old, it uses the outdated refrigerant R-22. A new system will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

2.  The Cost of Repair

Speak with your heating and AC repair professional in Cypress, TX and find out how much it would cost to repair your system. The same rule applies to everything else. If the cost of repairs is more than $800, a replacement makes more sense. If, however, it is a fairly new system and installation was costly, getting a repair might be a good idea.

Consider both the age and initial cost of installation. Think about the 50% rule. If the cost of repairs is 50% or about 50% of the value of your system, it is a bad idea. Replacement makes better sense.

3.  The Functionality of Your System

Your HVAC system should be able to keep your home comfortable. If it can no longer do its job, it might not be the right size for your job. An old system will struggle to keep the temperatures in your building consistent. Some of the most common causes of the problem include; cracked ducts, damage to motors, and low fluid levels.

Work with a heating and AC repair technician in Cypress, TX to find a system that is well-suited for your property. Different systems are appropriate for different properties. They vary in functionality, size, and efficiency.

4.  Peace of Mind

When you are looking for true peace of mind, replacement makes more sense than heating and AC repair. You no longer have to worry about waking up to a cold home or unexpected AC failures. A new HVAC system goes a long way in providing peace of mind. In most cases, your heating and cooling systems are a match. If there is a problem with one, you probably have to change both. A HVAC repair technician in Cypress, TX should advise you accordingly.

5.  The Presence of Dust in Your Home

If you suddenly notice lots of dust in your home, it may be an indication that your system is not working well. Reduced air quality may contribute to an increase in allergies and colds in your home. A system that is working well should keep humidity under control, remove dirt and debris from the air, and keep the temperature in your home comfortable.

6.  Warranty Coverage

If your system is still covered by your warranty, a heating and AC repair makes more sense than a replacement. Most new equipment comes with a 10-year manufacturers’ warranty. It saves on the costs of repair and gives you peace of mind. Think about warranty coverage when trying to determine between repairs and replacement.

7.  The Cost of Recurring Repairs

If you have been spending a lot of money on repairs, getting another heating and AC repair is a bad idea. It might be time to replace your system. It does not matter how new your system might be. At some point, repair costs become unreasonable.

8.  Your Budget Limits

How much are you willing to spend? Getting a heating and AC repair is a lot cheaper than getting a replacement. However, getting a replacement might be a lot cheaper in the long run.

If you choose to replace your system, consider working with a reputable heating and AC repair professional in Cypress, TX. Choosing the right technicians is just as important as choosing the right system. They should be professional, experienced, and committed to the job. Discuss your options with them. The right professional should let you know whether you need to replace or repair your system. If they suggest heating and AC repair, they should understand your system enough to do a good job.

If you need a heating and AC repair expert in Cypress, TX, consider working with Cypress Heating and Air. We service all Major Brands. Whether you are looking for a new system or a repair, we are happy to help. We have more than 20 years of experience in servicing and installing HVAC systems. We can customize our services and installations to meet the heating and cooling needs of your home. We take pride in ensuring that all our systems are high quality and attention to detail. We are prompt and dependable. You can depend on us for emergency services. You can rely on us for all your heating and cooling needs. Call us today and request an appointment.