Signs You Need AC Repair Katy

Signs You Need AC Repair Katy

AC Noise | AC Repair Katy

A normally operating air conditioner will make some noise that we become accustomed to. When unusual noises occur, most homeowners pick up on it and assume there is a problem. In numerous cases, a AC noise can mean the air conditioner needs AC repair in Katy.

When the air conditioner makes unusual sounds it is a wise decision to have your HVAC technician to investigate the source of the noise, before a small problem develops into a large one. When you hear the following noises, call for diagnoses and AC repair in Katy with a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning certified HVAC technician:

  • Air Leaks – Air leaks in the ductwork can make a roaring or hissing noise. Your heating and air conditioning technician can provide the necessary repair or sealing of duct work to ensure proper and efficient operation. Air leaks can cause an imbalance of pressure and may result in premature wear on the HVAC system.
  • Banging or Clanking – May indicate a failing motor, damage to the compressor or loose motor mounts. Early repair can prevent further problems.
  • Bubbling or Hissing – Dirty and clogged condensing coil or pooling of refrigerant oil. Clogged dryer or malfunctioning thermostatic functioning valve, or refrigerant leak. AC repair in Katy will restore the system’s efficiency and proper operation, and can prevent compressor failure.
  • Buzzing or Crackling noise – Indicates a problem with an electrical component. Electrical problems can lead to shock or a fire. Shut the system off and call for prompt AC repair in Katy.
  • Clanks, Clunks, Growls and Bumps – Potentially loose motor mounts or other components. Potentially a bad fan. A seized fan can potentially lead to a fire, while a loose mount can result in damage to components.
  • Clicking or Ticking at Start Up – Potentially loose or bent fan blade striking an obstruction, also bad contactor relay.
  • Growling or Groaning at Start-Up – Potentially bad compressor.
  • Gurgling, Running Water Sounds – Overcharged system or condensate. Overcharging can result in compressor failure. Gurgling can be due to a refrigerant leak.
  • Huffing, groaning, Wa-wa or wow-wow sounds. Hard start compressor potentially at the end of its service life, bad motor winding or bad start capacitor.
  • Hum – Bad fan motor or start run capacitor. Possibly a burned out compressor.
  • Knocking – bad motor bearing, bad motor mount, failing compressor or fan blade striking a component. Electrical shorts and loose wires. Turn the unit off immediately and call for AC repair in Katy due to the risk of shock or fire.
  • Popping “Popcorn Sounds” – Potentially the compressor motor receiving liquid refrigerant on suction or intake side. Will cause damage or destruction of the compressor. Shut the system off immediately and call for repair.
  • Rattling or Vibration – Loose hardware, fan blades, pulleys, motor mounts, equipment covers, motor bearings, components touching a surface, duct work or overcharging (this will get the compressor). Loose components within the system can potentially cause damage.
  • Screaming – Excessive internal pressures, potentially due to failed high pressure sensor. Shut the system off immediately as this is a dangerous condition and call for repair.
  • Singing, Whining or Rumbling – Bad cooling fan motor or vibrating fan.
  • Squeaking – Compressor bearing may need lubrication. Routine professional maintenance can prevent this.
  • Squealing – Bad compressor motor, bad start capacitor.
  • Whistling – Air leaks in ducts or air handler. Treat the same as above air leaks.

There are numerous components to the heating and air conditioning system. Over time, they will experience wear. Routine maintenance by your HVAC technician will prevent unnecessary breakdowns, and extend the life of the system. When problems occur, it is wise to call for professional heating and AC repair in Katy promptly to prevent a smaller problem from becoming a larger and costly issue.

This guide is not provided to assist the homeowner in DIY AC repair in Katy, but rather to point out how numerous components can cause dangerous fires, shock or further damage if a qualified AC technician is not brought in to provide repair.

Each person will interpret a sound differently, the homeowner is best advised to call for diagnoses, with heating and AC repair in Katy by an HVAC certified specialist.

While wear and tear will occur over the years, routine preventative maintenance can prevent numerous problems. An additional benefit a finely tuned HVAC system will provide is top efficiency. A well-tuned system can save you as much as 20% on energy costs vs. a poorly maintained system. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning specialists offer heating and air conditioning installation, AC repair in Katy, maintenance and more. We serve the Katy, Plano and surrounding areas with superior service. Thanks for visiting Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning.