Signs You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX

Signs You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX

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From the times when air conditioners were deemed to be a luxury, we have moved onto times when they have turned into a necessity. They combat the blistering sun and the humid summer days. The gradually worsening heatwaves around the globe have made it almost necessary for us to keep all the air conditioning systems in our houses in perfect working order. Imagine the horror of turning on your ac in the sweltering heat, only to find out that it is not working properly, or worse yet, not working at all! However, certain preventive measures and regular inspection of your air conditioner can help you avoid such unpleasant experiences, provided that you diligently maintain your air conditioning system, and act quickly when you detect the slightest sign of odd behavior in the running of your units. Contact a professional for air conditioner repair in Katy, TX. This way you will have your ac running when you need it the most.

Below are some signs that can mean that your air conditioner is in need of repair.

1.  Poor Air Flow

If the airflow of your air conditioning unit is not as good as it used to be, it could be an indication that your unit needs to be repaired. A malfunctioning compressor can sometimes cause poor airflow. To solve this problem, you should contact a professional service that deals in air conditioner repair in Katy, TX. In the case that some parts of your house are cooler than others, it might signify that your ducts need to be looked into. An experienced professional should be called in either case.

2.  Poor Efficiency in Cooling

One of the most evident signs that your air conditioner unit is in need of repair is when it’s performance declines, and it doesn’t cool rooms as well as it did before. Even when you are using it at full blast, if the cooling is not as good as before, or if the ac has ceased to cool at all, this may require air conditioner repair in Katy, TX. You should consult a professional who will help find the cause of this. If not treated, the damage might end up going beyond repair, and could cost you much more than a simple repair.

3.  A Faulty Thermostat

Often, the only thing causing issues in the air conditioning system is the thermostat. To check if this is the case, you should inspect the cooling throughout your house and see if some areas are cooler than others. If there is a difference in cooling, contact a professional for air conditioner repair in Katy, TX who will lookinto the matter for you.

4.  The Air Conditioner Makes Odd Sounds

If you notice that your air conditioner is making strange sounds, for example, if it creaks or squeaks, it might mean that your air conditioner is severely damaged. This indication makes it incumbent on you to call for professional help for air conditioner repair in Katy, TX. If you do not act quickly, you may have to replace the whole unit, which is no cheap job.

5.  Moisture and Water Leakage Around the Air Conditioner

If there is a puddle of water near your ac unit, or if you find leakages or moisture around it, this is a clear sign that you need to get your air conditioner checked for any problem. A water puddle near the ac is sometimes caused by a broken or blocked drain tube. This drain tube gets rid of the condensed water of the air conditioner. The formation of ice on the unit is also an indication that there might be some serious damage in the air conditioner. You should immediately call a professional for air conditioner repair in Katy, TX.

6.  The Air Conditioner Gives Off a Strange Smell

If you detect a foul smell coming from your air conditioner, regardless of how it is working, you should call a professional. This smell might be due to a number of reasons – like burnt wiring, which is extremely hazardous. It may also be coming from a mold growing inside your air conditioner, which puts your health at risk. There are many other reasons that can be just as dangerous, so if you smell a foul smell, be sure to call a service for air conditioner repair in Katy, TX.

7.  Frequent Cycles

Normally, your air conditioner should have regular cooling cycles regardless of the weather outside. Although the cycles do tend to become more frequent during the hotter days of the year, there should be no other changes. However, if you notice your air conditioner cycling on and off sporadically, you might have to look for a professional service that deals in air conditioner repair in Katy, TX, immediately unless you like to spend your summers sweating profusely. A quick tune-up of your air conditioner should resolve your system’s issue regarding frequent cycling.

8.  High Humidity

High humidity levels are a common occurrence during spring and summer. However, this should not increase the humidity levels indoors, especially if you have the air conditioner switched on. The AC should be able to moderate these high humidity levels automatically when switched on.

If your cooling system cannot bring down the humidity levels, you might need to call for professionals that deal in air conditioner repair in Katy, TX to fix your air conditioner. It might be that your system needs servicing, a quick re-calibration or even replacement.

There are a number of warning signs that indicate that a repair for your cooling appliance is due, or that you need to get your air conditioner checked at the very least. You should call an expert if you notice any of these signs. Or better yet, you should get it checked routinely and keep it well-maintained. While many people see this as an unnecessary expense, if you do not pay heed to such warning signs, you might have to spare more money in getting a replacement than you would if you have it inspected regularly and get timely repairs.

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