Signs Your AC Thermistor Needs A Replacement From An <strong>Air Conditioning Repair</strong> Technician | <strong>Cypress, TX</strong>

Signs Your AC Thermistor Needs A Replacement From An Air Conditioning Repair Technician | Cypress, TX

Modern air conditioning systems feature a special temperature sensor called a thermistor. Thermistors detect the temperature values and send a particular resistance signal to your air conditioning unit’s control module. This results in the unit’s automatic temperature adjustments to ensure that your Cypress, TX home, office, or cabin is at your desired temperature. Because thermistors are ambient temperature sensing components, they may be found in indoor or outdoor units. But can a faulty thermistor affect the cooling or heating of your home?

Heating and air conditioning thermistors read the data on temperatures and interpret it. This is essential to properly operate your air conditioning system, especially a smart AC. Whenever your thermistor fails or starts to show any problems, they might adversely affect your entire air conditioning system, meaning that you might even have to call an air conditioning repair technician for further inspection. Whenever your air conditioning unit’s thermistor fails or is about to, your air conditioning system might show two main signs, as we’ll see below. But before then, below are the main types of thermistors:

Types of Thermistors in Your AC Unit

As mentioned above, air conditioning thermostats measure the supply and return air temperature data and interpret it. Hence, they directly interface with the thermostat. They also measure the ambient air temperature and communicate it to the air conditioning system for the right adjustments. Hence, if the Air conditioning thermistor runs into a problem, it could affect the whole AC system, prompting an air conditioning repair.

Whenever a professional comes to replace the damaged thermistor, they will replace the exact part with another similar one in terms of specifications and ratings. Although inexpensive, damaged thermistors will result in higher energy use and ineffective cooling. Additionally, you shouldn’t try to replace your thermistor yourself. Below are the two main thermistors that your modern air conditioner has:

Indoor AC Thermistor

The indoor air conditioning system thermistor is installed on the indoor component of your AC unit. It is employed to regulate the evaporator coil’s temperature. This thermistor is used to gauge coil temperatures and communicate them to the other parts of your air conditioner, including the thermostat. When your air conditioning repair technician comes to replace them, they carefully open the unit, ensuring they do not damage the evaporator.

Outdoor Thermistor

The outdoor thermistor is located within the outside unit and is connected to the copper tube’s end. The AC main control board of your outdoor unit is attached to this thermistor. If the resistance measured is outside the acceptable range, it will let the motherboard know something is wrong. An error code will then be shown as a result of this. Before the air conditioner sustains any additional harm, it will probably switch off. Whenever you see the error code, have an air conditioning repair technician inspect the system and effect the required repairs.

Causes of Thermistor Failure

The mechanical separation of the resistor element from the lead material typically causes thermistor failure resulting in an open circuit. This may be caused by a thermal mismatch, improper handling, or heat damage. Aging is another common cause of thermistors malfunction. The thermistor circuit degrades over time and displays inaccurate temperatures. It’s simplest to have an air conditioning repair technician or company replace the sensor.

Signs of Thermistor Failure

Limited Cooling

Is it time to have your air conditioner’s thermistor replaced? If your air conditioning system’s thermistor has an underlying issue, then the air conditioner will be blowing cooled air only for a limited period. Have you noticed this? If you have, it might be time to call an air conditioning repair technician in Cypress, TX to inspect your AC unit and replace the thermistor. If your AC thermistor isn’t properly functioning, it will not signal the thermostat, meaning that your indoor settings will not be efficiently cooled. As a result, the module won’t be able to turn on or off the AC to maintain the desired temperature.

Improperly Functioning Blower Motor

Issues with the blower are another sign of thermistor trouble. Some blower motors regulate their operation using the signal from the thermistor. Blower motor performance may be poor, unpredictable, or nonexistent if a thermistor provides a weak, improper, or inconsistent signal. The blower motor propels air out of the vents, so any issues with it—thermistor-related or not—will significantly impact the AC system’s capacity to chill the cabin. Whenever you face such a problem, contact an air conditioning repair technician to check the AC thermistor.

How Important Is an AC Thermistor?

Ensures Optimized Cooling Efficiency

An AC thermistor’s primary function is to maximize cooling effectiveness. These temperature sensors allow the thermostat to change the amount of cold air blowing from the air conditioner vents per the reading of the ambient room temperature. This method maintains the appropriate temperature in the room while cooling it by considering the weather, humidity, and exterior temperature. This results in a comfortable cooling effect. The cooling effect of an air conditioner is enhanced if the thermistor has higher accuracy. This means that if the thermistor is efficiently functioning, you won’t have to call an air conditioning repair technician because of uneven cooling.

Ensures that Inverter Units Save Energy

A thermistor for an air conditioner is particularly helpful in inverter AC models since these temperature sensors can detect variations in the ambient temperature, enabling the AC unit to maximize its cooling effectiveness for energy-saving purposes. Inverter systems regulate the compressor’s speed per the thermostat’s temperature measurement. The compressor motor reduces energy after the room reaches the desired temperature specified on the thermostat. The thermistor initiates the process, which communicates the room temperature to the thermostat.

Your thermistor may run into a problem that requires air conditioning repair in your Cypress, TX home. Whenever this happens, contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

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