Smart & Programmable Thermostats | Air Conditioning Katy

Smart & Programmable Thermostats | Air Conditioning Katy

Programmable Thermostats |Air Conditioning Katy, TX

As temperatures drop, the cost of heating goes up, leaving numerous homeowners looking for ways to keep heating costs down. Replacing a failing thermostat is one means of eliminating wasted energy. The thermostat works in conjunction with the home’s heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX to regulate the temperature. Programmable thermostats offer the versatility to customize the thermostat to your family’s schedule, providing energy savings by eliminating unnecessary energy waste.

Eventually, any thermostat will become worn and inaccurate, requiring replacement to eliminate the problems of running too often and wasting energy, or not running enough. Manual thermostats lack the advantages and the accuracy of the digital thermostat. Programmable thermostats can be programmed to adapt to your family’s schedules, provides versatility, saves energy and is generally easy to program and allows for as much as a seven day schedule.

In addition, the heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX system will experience less wear by not running as frequently.

The recommended temperature of an occupied home is 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer, while during the winter, when occupants sleep and everyone is away from the home, the recommended temperature is 65 degrees. However, when you are away on a winter vacation, you may be tempted to turn the thermostat even further. Don’t turn the thermostat below 55 to ensure that the plumbing won’t freeze.

The installation of a programmable thermostat will allow for multiple temperature settings for each day. Models that automatically change from heat to cooling are an extremely convenient choice when selecting a new thermostat. Either option will ensure your home remains comfortable year round, including during the temperature swings that occur in early spring and fall.

Homeowners who are handy with DIY projects can potentially install a thermostat, for all others Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers the service for professional installation of a programmable thermostat to complement your heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX.Learning Thermostats

Learning thermostats will learn the habits of the home’s occupants and program themselves, creating a schedule based on your preferences over time. Learning thermostats use sensors to detect when the home is unoccupied and adjust the temperature accordingly. By providing monthly energy reports, they guide you to energy efficient settings for your heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX. Learning thermostats connect to your home Wi-Fi network and can be monitored, set and managed remotely over Wi-Fi from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Learning thermostats can save 20-30 % on your home’s energy costs.

Remote Energy Management

A remote energy management thermostat enables you to set, program and monitor your heating and cooling from a computer, smartphone or tablet. It transmits a text message or email alert when adjustments are made, the filter requires changing or when maintenance is scheduled. It connects through a hub (sold separately) to your home broadband network, providing access over Wi-Fi from anywhere, and can reduce energy consumption by up to 15 %.

If you have ever forgotten to adjust your manual thermostat, you can probably recognize the advantages of a programmable thermostat, and remote energy management enabling you to make changes when you are away from home.

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