Some Major and Minor Air Conditioning Faults Katy Homeowners Should Know | Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX

No homeowner wants to go through the dreaded ordeal of air conditioning repairs right in the middle of summer when the sun is bearing down upon us. In Katy, where summer temperatures often exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes imperative to take care of every small and big air conditioning fault before the start of the peak season. 

For that matter, we are going to discuss some of the serious and small air conditioner faults that any homeowner in Katy can encounter. These faults become more imminent when the AC unit hasn’t received a comprehensive tune-up from any reliable company of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX for a long time.

All the minor and major air conditioning faults that we are going to put down in this piece are concluded after consulting some experienced contractors of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX. 

Major Air Conditioning Faults 

Major air conditioning faults make hiring the services of any reputable company of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX inevitable. These faults can appear in the middle of the season if you are not taking care of your air conditioner all through the year.

Refrigerant Leakage

This is the most recurring major air conditioning fault that Katy homeowner comes across. Contemporary central air conditioners work on the principle of refrigeration cooling that uses a gas medium to pull out the heat and moisture from the interior. 

This gas medium i.e. the refrigerant is filled in the coil assembly extended from the evaporator to condenser unit of an air conditioning system. Poor maintenance routine and internal moisture can deteriorate this coiling that eventually results in the refrigerant leakage. 

Refrigerant leakage usually doesn’t show any visible signs. However, experienced technicians providing air conditioner repair in Katy, TX have put together some obvious signs indicating that an AC system is facing refrigerant leakage issue. 

Mildly Cool Air from Vents 

If you notice that vents are not blowing the cool air as per the temperature set on the thermostat, then it might be a sign of gradually dropping refrigerant level in the coil. An air conditioner can’t effectively carry a cooling cycle with suboptimal levels of refrigerant which result in only mildly cool air. 

Slight Hissing Around Evaporator or Condenser Unit

A slight hissing sound similar to a gas leak is a telltale sign of refrigerant leakage. Run your air conditioning system and inspect it for any hissing noise thoroughly. Carry out this inspection ahead of the season so that you can have this issue addressed by any qualified contractor of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX before the unforgiving hot months begin.

Delayed cooling time is the best indicator of low levels of refrigerants in the coil, which is primarily caused by leakage.

Prevention of Refrigerant Leakage

There is no DIY measure to deal with an ongoing refrigerant leakage. You have to call professionals to repair the leakage points and for refilling the refrigerant. The prevention of refrigerant leakage is also only possible if you maintain a regular inspection routine of your system by subscribing to any good contractor of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX. 

Keep in mind that persisting with suboptimal refrigerant levels doesn’t just cause tremendous inconvenience. It also becomes a burden on the pocket with unnecessarily hiked up utility bills.

Frozen Evaporator Coil 

Evaporator coil is the site where heat exchange between warm air and refrigerant takes place. So, evaporator coils of any working AC system usually have a really low temperature. However, in some instances, they get all iced up resulting in no or very minute flow of cool air from the vents. If your air conditioning is running on full capacity, but without any incoming cool air from the vents, then it might be happening due to frozen evaporator cools. 

Backflow of cool air due to vent blockage is the major reason why evaporator coils experience frosting.  Call any reputable contractor of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX if your system is facing this problem. They will defrost the coil and assess it if needs any repairs. 

Minor Air Conditioning Faults 

These faults are only called ‘minor’ because they are not directly associated with the inner assembly of the air conditioning system. Nonetheless, they are fully capable of bringing the function of your air conditioning unit to grinding halt. Therefore, it is imperative to watch out for them as well. One thing more, you don’t have to worry about these minor air conditioning faults if any trustworthy company of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX carry out routine checkups of your HVAC system.

A Tripped Fuse 

Fuses or circuit breakers are used to protect electric appliances from instances of sudden voltage and current surges. Air conditioners are also installed with a fuse that can be tripped even with nominal voltage changes. If your air conditioning is not switching on, then have a look at its fuse. If it’s tripped, revert it to its original position and restart the system. 

In case air conditioning doesn’t start even after that, call technicians of any good company of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX to look into the issue.

Broken Thermostat

Thermostat is the temperature regulator of any air conditioning unit. A broken thermostat can spoil the cooling operations of any optimally working air condition. If the indoor temperature is not reflective of the figure set on the thermostat and you are sure that there is no fault with the main assembly, then you need to replace the thermostat. 

Experienced contractors of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX nowadays recommend installing a programmable thermostat because it streamlines the cooling activity of the machine. You can save a good sum of energy expenses by shifting your air conditioning unit to a programmable thermostat.

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