Stay Cool With These Air Conditioning Tips | Katy

Stay Cool With These Air Conditioning Tips | Katy

Tips to Stay Cool | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

The following tips to stay cool can assist you in both cutting heat gain in the home, and in cutting the cost of cooling by reducing the load on your air conditioning in Katy, TX. If your budget has little room for excessive electric costs, select what you can afford, and it will still add up to savings.

1. Windows and doors are a common sources of air leaks in a home. Inspect around windows for cracked or missing caulking or seals, and replace as needed. Check around doors for improper fit, cracked or broken seals and gaskets, providing the necessary repairs to prevent hot air intrusion from adversely affecting the home’s air conditioning in Katy, TX.

2. Prevent heat from entering windows and glass doors by adding UV filtering window film. You don’t have to buy new windows, or hire a professional for installation. UV filtering window film is available in major home supply stores. It is simply attached utilizing soapy water. Due to its ultra-thin properties care is required to prevent wrinkles. It is removable with caution (to prevent tearing) and can be reused. However, the wrinkles won’t affect its performance, just its appearance.

It is very effective in preventing heat gain through glass. When the budget doesn’t allow for its application to all windows, install it on windows where the sun heats up the interior during the summer for a more comfortable home, and less work on your home’s air conditioning in Katy, TX.

If you prefer an upgrade, commercial grade window film is easier to handle, and a few brands even offer the equivalent of adding an additional layer of glass increasing the windows energy efficiency year round. You can have a professional install a higher grade of window film, or remove the windows and take to their shop. Window film is an excellent way to cut down on heat gain through the glass, and for reducing the cost of air conditioning in Katy, TX.

While not as effective as window film, white curtains or blinds will reflect a portion of the heat coming from sunlight. White reflects sunlight and its heat, though nowhere near as effectively as window film. Window film reflects the heat of the sun before it enters the home, whereas white curtains will reflect the sun after it enters through the glass, so there will still be some heat gain behind curtains.

3. Change the air filter once a month unless your brand recommends otherwise. Your home’s air conditioning in Katy, TX will work more efficiently, and last longer when you change the filter routinely.

4. Any cook knows the oven will heat your home up and cause the air conditioning in Katy, TX to run. To reduce the amount of heat from cooking, use the microwave, serve cold salads, sandwiches and the like. If using the oven is unavoidable, use a toaster oven or an outdoor grill. Cooking early in the morning will typically allow the heat to dissipate before the heat of the day arrives.

5. Increased humidity can make it feel hotter than it actually is. The home’s central AC removes moisture from the air, however when humidity is excessively high, the system may not be able to reduce humidity to a comfortable level of 30-50%.

A whole house de-humidifier will reduce humidity and make it feel cooler, while enabling you to adjust the thermostat up without sacrificing comfort. Dehumidifiers are available in sizes ranging from room size to whole house size and include those that can be installed in conjunction with your air conditioning in Katy, TX. Contact us for a quote on the installation of a whole house de-humidifier.

6. Fans can increase comfort. Ensure ceiling fans are on the summer setting. Fans themselves won’t cool a room, but they will help you to feel cooler. A higher HP motor will move more air.

7. Programmable thermostats enables you to program around your schedule. For example, a programmed thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature when you are due to arrive after work or school for a comfortable home.

With a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat you can adjust the temperature when you are away from home. There are a number of additional benefits depending upon the model selected, and they all provide a home that runs the HVAC system according to the programmed schedule, with override and remote adjustment options available. A programmable thermostat enables you to set it and forget it, and enjoy maximum comfort without the air conditioning in Katy, TX having to run all day.

8. The attic of your home can become extremely hot during the summer months aging shingles, and resulting in heat gain migrating into the living space. An attic gable fan pulls out the super-heated air in the attic, and pulls in the cooler outdoor air through a vent on the opposite end of the house. By keeping your attic cooler, it keeps your home cooler, reducing the cost of operating your air conditioning in Katy, TX.

9. It takes time for a tree to grow large enough to provide shade, though planting deciduous trees on the eastern and western side of your home will eventually provide shade. Shade can be as much as 20 degrees cooler than in the sun, and when you plant deciduous trees, they will shed the leaves enabling you to gain the benefits of the sun during the winter. Shrubs can assist in shading the lower portion of the home, while trellises with climbing vines can provide some shade to exterior walls.

10. If your home’s air conditioning in Katy, TX is over 10 years old, investing in a new Energy Star approved air conditioning installation will lower the electric bill. Newer technology has created more energy efficient systems and colder air, with a variety of efficiencies available to fit your budget. Your Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician is the best source to learn about potential savings with new Energy Star HVAC equipment.

11. Choose a cool roof for substantial savings. Like window film, a cool roof reflects the sun and its heat away from your home by as much as 97%. A cooler roof provides less heat gain in the attic, reducing the workload of the air conditioning in Katy, TX, saving energy and reducing wear and tear on the system.

12. Increasing attic insulation will assist in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home by reducing the movement of the attic heat gain into the living space.

13. While windows and doors are the largest heat losses, hot air can find its way in around cables, pipes, or other cracks in the homes foundation and walls. Sealing them will keep cold air in, and hot air out.

14. Scheduling maintenance of the heating and air conditioning system will ensure optimal and efficient performance, reduce potential breakdowns, and extend the lifespan of the system when provided annually.

15. Have ducts inspected and sealed. Over time the seals on ducts can loosen, allowing conditioned air to escape. The loss of this air not only affects the comfort of your home, but is costing you money on the energy bill. In fact, leaky ducts account for the loss of 20%-30% in the average home. This adds up quickly.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is the preferred source for professional heating and air conditioning services. Whether you need spring maintenance, repair or installation of new air conditioning in Katy, TX our certified and experienced HVAC technicians will provide quality services, and the installation of the nation’s top rated brand – Carrier. We hope you found Tips to stay Cool useful. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.