Telltale Signs That a Furnace Will Break Down Anytime Soon | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Cypress, TX

Telltale Signs That a Furnace Will Break Down Anytime Soon | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Cypress, TX

Global warming has disrupted regular climatic events everywhere, even in Texas, where winter was never about frosting temperatures. Now, The Lone Star State experiences significantly chilly weather in at least three peak months of the season (December, January, and February).

Due to these changing weather realities, the furnace has become an essential household item for people living all across Texas including Cypress. Experienced contractors of heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX now strongly recommend homeowners to install complete HVAC systems along with furnaces. 

In addition, it is now all the more essential to diligently take care of the already installed furnaces. Winter is officially over. It is a good time to get your furnace checked for the next season because the reputable contractors for heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX are not overburdened with emergency services anymore. They will be able to provide you the time slot of your choice. 

If you are not sure to call expert technicians providing services of heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX since your furnace is apparently working fine, then read this article. We will talk about all those faults where furnace continues to work but it’s on its way to breaking down anytime soon.

Fractured Heat Exchanger

The heating performance of any furnace solely depends on its heat exchanger. The exchanger is actually a meshwork of conducting tubes that are heated to increase the temperature of the air blowing to the different parts of the indoor through vents. 

If you don’t want your furnace to suddenly stop working in the midst of winter, then check the furnace’s heat exchangers for any fractures and cracks. A fractured heat exchanger continues to work but it’s on the brink of a sudden and absolute breakdown. 

Look for the below-mentioned signs in and around the heat exchanger. If you find one, call any well-reputed heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX. 

Soot Inside the Furnace

A carbon buildup on the internal lining of the furnace indicates that the heat exchanger is not working properly. This usually happens when conducting tubes are cracked and couldn’t complete the process of combustion. If you notice a jet black powdery and flaky substance inside the furnace, then it’s a sign of unfinished combustion and fractured heat exchanger.

Pungent Smell 

If you notice pungent smells coming out of the furnace, then don’t ignore it as a burning byproduct. The conducting tubes start producing formaldehyde when they develop cracks but continue to run. Call any good service provider of heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX to further dissect the issue. Damp stains at the bottom of the furnace are also a sign of formaldehyde leakage.

Why Heat Exchangers Crack?

There is no unusual reason behind the fracturing of heat exchangers. They either crack when they have completed their functional life or when they are not getting serviced by any professional contractor of heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX on a regular basis. 

Look at the Furnace Flame 

HVAC usually run on natural gas (methane) which burns with a predominately blue flame. Turn on your furnace for a moment and look at its flame. If it is more yellow or orange than blue, then it’s a sign of fault.

The flame’s color change indicates that your furnace is heating more than its optimal level. Abrupt gas flow and inflated furnace orifice are the usual reasons behind this overheating. This leads to carbon monoxide accumulation in the chamber, turning the color of a normal blue furnace flame.

Change in flame’s color doesn’t inflict any immediate damage to your furnace. However, it indicates that you are about to develop a serious furnace problem. The overheating highlighted by the flame color change actually speeds up the deterioration of heat exchanger. 

A heat exchanger can’t work until the end of its stipulated functional life if it continues to operate on an overheating yellow or orange flame. Call any trustworthy company providing heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX to find and fix the underlying reason behind the color change.

Worn Out Ball Bearing of Furnace Blower 

This is another sign of a faulty furnace that doesn’t result in any immediate breakdown. However, if you continue to ignore it and keep on running your furnace, then eventually it will culminate into the furnace failure. It is important to thoroughly understand how worn out ball bearing of furnace blowers are so critical to its overall performance. 

Blower fans are actually responsible for all the air movement linked with the furnace. For instance, the blower pushes the air over the conducting tubes for temperature treatment, and then it propels the treated air towards the vents supplying the indoors.  A blower fan will eventually stop working if you are not replacing it’s worn out ball bearings in time. 

As a result, you can’t get any warm air in the house even if the furnace itself is working all right.  The major sign of worn out bearings is scratching sounds coming out of the furnace. You won’t face this issue if you are having regular tune-ups and upgrades of your furnace from any trustworthy company of heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX. 

Also, see if your furnace continues to run and exceeds the temperature set on the thermostat. This usually happens when the limit switch (a safety device to prevent overheating) goes out of order. It’s important to have a working limit switch with your furnace all the time to prevent any fire accident. Call any good contractor of heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX and have the broken limit switch replaced immediately.

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