The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems and How to Fix Them | Air Conditioner Repair in Cypress, TX

The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems and How to Fix Them | Air Conditioner Repair in Cypress, TX

Air Conditioning is no longer a luxury in the world and can be found in most middle class and many lower-class homes as well. It’s as necessary to survive the harsh summers as cold water is. However, due to the frequency with which we all use air conditioners, it’s easy to see how they run up against problems over and over again. Anything that is used at a frequency of more than once or twice a day and at hours on end can wear out and need repair every once in a while. This is why it’s smart to contact Air Conditioner repair in Cypress, TX. They can help with the most common problems that can occur with an air conditioner or any cooling unit you may have. Here are a few of those most common problems.

Dirty Filters

Now the filters in an air conditioner get dirty over the course of the summer months and require cleaning or replacement regularly. It is usually advised that you replace or clean the filters in your air conditioning unit every time a new season of summer begins. A clogged filter can not only allow dust in to your home and damage the air conditioning unit, but also reduce the efficiency with which it cools your home and contaminate the air in your home.

Broken Thermostats

If you can’t control the temperature in your home, what even is the point of having an air conditioner? You can’t simply keep cycling between the highest and lowest setting because that’s what the thermostat will allow. Call Air Conditioner repair in Cypress, TX immediately if this happens and get it fixed. Sometimes it’s a matter of replacing a few components or replacing the batteries, but when a thermostat has gone through considerable wear and tear, it does need replacing. You can also replace it with an update if required.

Leaked Fluids

The fluid required to exchange heat with the surroundings is the life blood of the air conditioner. Without it, you might as well have installed a fan. Hence, if the fluid leaks out, it can render your air conditioner completely useless. Get the fluid refilled and the gap or break in your unit fixed with Air Conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.


You need to get rid of all the condensed fluid that collects inside the air conditioning unit; otherwise it’ll clog up the vents and leak in to the wiring and cause irreparable damage in some cases. Hence, the drainage needs to be adequate so that the drain line doesn’t become clogged. Water, dust and lint can all cause a block. If water begins to pile up, call Air Conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.

Circuit Breakers or Fuses

These guard the motors and compressors inside the air conditioning unit from overheating. If they break or are damaged and malfunctioning, this can cause the wires to overheat and a fire can break out if you’re not careful. If you smell burning metal or rubber or see fumes emanating from the unit, shut off your air conditioner right now and call Air Conditioning repair in Cypress, TX at once. Don’t dwell on this otherwise there may be material and physical damage in store for you.


The capacitors provide that jolt to the motors that power the compressor. In effect, this will mean that the motors won’t operate the fans efficiently and they’ll keep running at low speed. This means that you’ll get only a light breeze and a tepid flow of air when you want your air conditioner at full blast. You can wait this out and get it fixed in due time if you’re not picky, but know that you’ll be wasting electricity and getting the lowest bang for your buck. Call the fine people over at Air Conditioning repair in Cypress, TX for a replacement or the necessary repairs.


This allows the refrigerant to cycle around the AC and propels it through the coils to carry out the very process of heat exchange. Without this moving efficiently on a regular cycle, you’ll be sitting in hot or lukewarm air at best. You won’t get the hit of that cool breeze. And nothing is worse than getting lukewarm air in the scorching heat instead of what you were expecting to be a cool breeze that wipes those droplets of sweat off your forehead.

Of course, the guys over at Air Conditioning repair in Cypress, TX have an easy fix for this if you place a call to them.

Evaporator Coils and Condenser Coils

If the refrigerant is the life blood of the air conditioner, these are the lungs that supply it with oxygen. The coils allow the refrigerant to disperse heat and cool the air that is being blown out of the air conditioner. If there is no heat absorption by the evaporator coils, there is no cooling and the purpose of the air conditioner is moot.

As for the condenser coils, they allow the condensation of water outside the compressor when the refrigerant is cycling back and they remove the heat that it has gathered from the air. Both the coils are essential to the efficient operation of the air conditioner.

For a quick fix, just call up the fine people at Air Conditioning repair in Cypress, TX.

Worn Contactor

The contactors in an air conditioner are like the synapses in the brain that transfer electrical signals across small spaces. The contacts keep colliding with each other as the motors spin in the AC and give jolts to the compressors, the blower motors and the condenser fan motors to keep going, they simply cannot stop if the AC is to function properly. The electric current fails if this happens.

Only a visit from Air Conditioning repair in Cypress, TX can fix broken or damaged contractors. Don’t try to fix them yourself since you’ll most likely end up damaging the apparatus even further.

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