The 7 Problems Plaguing Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioner Repair in Cypress, TX

The 7 Problems Plaguing Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioner Repair in Cypress, TX

When the summer heat gets worse and the mercury bulb soars to new heights, the last and only resort is to turn on your air conditioner. Those heat waves have a way of bear hugging you and never letting go, quickly making short work of your body’s sweat glands that help to maintain temperature control. The body’s sweating mechanism fails when humidity levels begin to climb and you no longer feel the cooling effect you normally did.

When the environment becomes very humid, it becomes harder for sweat on your body to evaporate. The entire point of having sweat glands is for all the sweat to ‘evaporate’ by absorbing latent heat. And when the air becomes saturated with too much water, the sweat on your skin has no place to evaporate to, and this leaves your body’s sweat mechanisms in a helpless state.

Your only best bet is to regulate the humidity levels with your air conditioner. But air conditioners have many parts to them, each of which has several engineering principles behind them. To properly fix them requires the aid of a professional and are not normal DIY procedures one normally sees on the internet. This makes it all the more important to have air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX. Let’s explore some of the reasons why your air conditioner may not be functioning properly.

Filter Stops Functioning

Your air conditioner’s first line of defense is the filter. It stands between dirt, dust and foreign material that could clutter your internal components if allowed to get through. Overtime the filter gets overwhelmed with dust and sediments and this impedes your air conditioner’s ability to cool. An air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX will clean or replace your air filter.


The thermostat regulates the system’s temperature to a set point (known as the desired temperature). Although it doesn’t play any role in the actual cooling mechanism of the air conditioners, if the thermostat stops properly functioning, your air conditioner’s compressor won’t know when to start and when to stop. Over time the formation of grime throws the thermostat’s reading into disarray, creating a disparity between the desired temperature setting and the true room temperature of your room.

It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before you attempt to clean the thermostat yourself. Some precautions you can take to protect your thermostat is by not placing it under direct sunlight and keeping it away from sources of heat.

The thermostat is a complex electronic device that involves several engineering principles to control the air conditioner. Even if a single internal component gets affected, it could prevent your air conditioner from cooling. This makes it all the more important for getting air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.

 Coolants are Leaking Out

The air conditioner is completely reliant on the cooling fluid. This liquid is responsible for transferring latent heat from one place to another, and in the process can alter the temperature in different ways. It is very common for the coolant to leak out, this either happens because of poor quality control on the manufacturer’s side or botched air conditioner installation in Cypress, TX. Your air conditioner essentially loses its ability to cool once the coolant starts leaking out.

It might be very tempting to attempt these repairs yourself, it is definitely not advisable for home owners to concern themselves with it because the refrigerant fluids are dangerous to handle. Instead you should get air conditioner repaired to properly take care of the issue.

Fan No Longer Works Properly

The fan blows air over your unit’s condenser to remove all the absorbed latent heat way from the room. It is important to lubricate the moving parts between the fans they will lose their ability to rotate fluidly. When the fan doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to, the pressure builds up on the compressor to pump more energy to the fluids. This is very dangerous for your air conditioner unit and most certainly requires air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.

Drainage is Blocked

All the dirt and dust particles eventually find their way to your drain line and over time block the pathway for condenser water. The water will only choose the path of least resistance, and in this it will back up and overflow inside the air conditioner unit.

This water is dangerous and affects your air conditioner in negative ways by fostering ripe conditions for mold and mildew to build up. Together with the dust and dirt particles, a vicious cycle is spawned in to place where more and more water gets stored up in your air conditioning unit.


The compressor ‘compresses’ the refrigerant that passes through your air conditioner’s coils. This is where heat transfer takes place. It goes without saying that it is extremely important for the compressor to do its job otherwise your AC will not cool at all. There are many ways for the air conditioner to fail, it could overheat, overload or burnout because of damage to the internal electrical wiring.

Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils have the important job of absorbing heat from the air and sending it back into the room as cool air flows through a series of ducts. These coils require warm air to circulate around them, but often times, proper air flow gets disrupted and the evaporator coils end up getting too cold. When enough time passes, a thin layer of ice begins to form on the outside, and warm air comes out of the unit instead of cool air.

It is important to get regular maintenance to let evaporator coils keep doing their job.

If your air conditioner is facing either one of these problems you should get prompt check up. At Cypress Heating and Air, our professionals quickly troubleshoot what the problem is and promptly fix it. With licensed professionals working on your air conditioner, all you have to do is place a call and watch our experts do their job.