The Best AC Repair Company | Katy, TX

The Best AC Repair Company | Katy, TX

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The last thing you want on a hot summer’s day is for your air conditioner to break down. Unless you act quickly, conditions in your home will soon start to get unpleasant. Temperatures and humidity will rise, and air quality will start to deteriorate. When the temperature outside reaches one hundred degrees you and your family’s safety will be threatened. You need to be able to contact an AC repair company to send a technician around quickly to your home in Katy, TX. That company is Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

With a Regular Service, You Can Avoid Calling an AC Repair Company

Your air conditioner is probably one of the costliest items you have in your home. But a lot of us tend to forget about it until something goes wrong. We forget to have an annual service, thinking that everything is going to be fine. We at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air love to help TX people, but we would rather visit you to give your unit a regular service than visit you as an AC repair company. Prevention is cheaper than a plumbing remedy.

Any minor problems will be discovered during service and put right before they get worse and cause a breakdown. We suggest that you book your service before the summer season starts, that way your air conditioner will be fighting fit for when you need it most. You will also worry less after the service as you have reduced the risk that you will need an AC repair company.

Signs You Are Going to Need to Call an AC Repair Company

You can bet your last dollar that a breakdown will happen at the most inconvenient time. If you detect any of the following signs you should be on your guard. If you have not scheduled a service, now would be a good time. By taking remedial action early, you will be spared an expensive call-out charge for an AC repair company.

Short Cycling Is Happening

Short cycling will lead to reduced cooling in your home. Most air conditioners have twenty-minute cooling cycles, ten minutes when the compressor is on and ten minutes while it is off. If the compressor cuts off too early, your home will be warmer than you would like. Dirty air filters, frozen evaporator coils, and low coolant levels are often to blame for short cycling. All these issues and others will be dealt with during the service.

Frost and Ice Building on the Evaporator Coil

There are several reasons why frost and ice will start to build on the evaporator coils. Reduced flow of warm air over the coils is one reason, and this can be due to dirty air filters and the fan being faulty. Another cause is that there is not enough coolant inside the coils. Without enough coolant, less heat will be absorbed from the warm air.

The heat that has been absorbed from the warm air keeps the evaporator coils from starting to freeze over. If the coils freeze the air conditioner will shut itself off, and you will have to wait until the coils thaw. This could be up to 24-hours, a period you could be without your air conditioner.

Dirty air filters will be replaced during the service, but this is something that you could do yourself. Regular replacement will also improve the air quality inside your home.

Coolant Leak

Without enough coolant in your air conditioner, less heat will be absorbed from the warm air in your home, and it will feel warmer as a result. Once frost and ice start to form on the evaporator coils, this further reduces the cooling effect.

This is because the ice will act as an insulating layer further reducing the rate at which heat is transferred from the warm air to the coolant. If a leak is discovered during the service, our technician will ask for your permission first before it is repaired, and the coolant levels topped up.

Energy Bills Are Going Up and UP

Nobody likes to see their energy bills go up, but they will as you start to use your air conditioner more during the summer. But what if the rise is larger than you expected? It could be due to an inefficient air conditioner. As your unit gets older it will use more energy because of wear and tear on the components. A service will improve matters, but your unit will never run as effectively as when it was new.

As each component suffers more wear and tear it will use more energy and drive up your bills. A harder working component will be more likely to overheat and need replacement during a visit from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air the best AC repair company in Katy, TX.

High Humidity Level

Any reduction in the cooling effect from your air conditioner will mean warmer air in your home. The air will also be more humid as the warmer air will contain more moisture than cooler air.

You See Puddles of Water on the Floor and Inside Your Unit

Another cause of higher humidity is blocked drain pans and AC drain lines. As heat is removed from the warm air, the air will cool and the moisture in it will condense into water and is collected in the drain pan. The water then flows through the AC drain line outside your home.

The moisture can encourage the growth of mold in the drain pan and AC drain line. If they are not cleaned, the drain pan will be blocked, and the water will overflow into the air conditioner and later onto your floor. This could cause an electrical short in your unit and a visit from an AC repair company.

Keeping Katy, TX Cool and Safe

Regular service from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air Conditioning will deal with many of the issues highlighted above. The people of Katy must be able to rely on a trustworthy AC repair company during those hot Texas summers. That is why they choose Mr. Reliable who has highly trained technicians on standby 24/7. Please give us a call anytime you need us!