The Best Air Conditioning Repair Company | Cypress, TX

The Best Air Conditioning Repair Company | Cypress, TX

We at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air are fully aware of the real dangers that you and your family are facing, should your air conditioner break down. When temperatures are sky-high in Cypress, TX during the summer, life inside your home can soon get pretty unpleasant. Soon the interior temperature will start to climb along with the humidity. Until you can get things sorted out, there is a heightened risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heatstroke. The air quality will also deteriorate which will severely affect those with chronic breathing problems such as Asthma.

This will be a very stressful time especially if you have children or older adults to look after. You need a trusted air conditioning repair company, with many experienced technicians available 24/7, weekdays, weekends, and over the holidays. You want quality work at prices that will not break your budget. If you live in Cypress, TX you want Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. If you do not believe us, just check all our five-star reviews online.

Get Your Unit Regularly Serviced to Prevent Needing an Air Conditioning Repair

Is there anything you can do to lessen the risk of needing an air conditioning repair? Yes, there is! The best thing you can do for your air conditioner is to have it regularly serviced. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air advises all our customers in Cypress, TX to have this done, and there are many good reasons why you should do this.

The air quality inside your home will be better – During a service from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, your air filters will be replaced or cleaned. A dirty air filter will allow less dust, dirt particles, and pollen to enter the air conditioner and then your home. Dirty air filters will also restrict the amount of warm air blown over the evaporator coils. This is important as the coolant inside the coils needs enough heat from the warm air to work properly. If not, the evaporator coils will start to freeze over, and you will notice frost and ice starting to form on them. If you ignore this problem eventually you will need an expensive air conditioning repair.

Your energy bills will be lower – energy costs have been on the rise recently and anything you do to lower them is good news. The service will help towards this by ensuring that all the components are working as efficiently as possible. If you have noticed frost and ice forming on the evaporator coils, this will reduce the coils working efficiency, this forces the other components such as the compressor to work harder to maintain the temperature and humidity levels you have set. A harder working component will also use more energy, which drives up your energy bills. Any component that is forced to work harder is more likely to overheat, burn out, and need replacing during an air conditioning repair. Most people will have their air conditioners on all the time during a heatwave, so you should expect your energy bills to increase. But, if they go up by more than you expect, you could have a problem with your unit. This would be a good time to call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air and let us have a look.

You minimize the risk of an air conditioning repair – Many checks are performed during the service ensuring that the components are working within the manufacturer’s specifications. The inside of your unit is also given a good clean and all the electrical circuits are inspected for any signs of problems or loose connections. We are told that “prevention is better than cure”, and in this case it is. Any problem component can be replaced before it breaks down. Doing this during the service will be cheaper than during an expensive callout for an air conditioning repair, and also avoid the inconvenience of your air conditioner being out of action when you need it most.

Extend the life of your air conditioner – a regularly serviced air conditioner is going to have a longer working life than one that is not. It is like having a sports car and not changing the oil. A regularly serviced air conditioner will have an effective lifespan of between ten to fifteen years.

Any warranty will still be valid – without a regular service, most warranties will not be valid. Replacing any defective components will cost you many hundreds of dollars. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air advises you to check the warranty, to make sure you are fulfilling the terms and conditions.

You are helping to save the planet – by using less energy you will automatically be reducing your carbon footprint. If you have an older air conditioner then it is likely to be using Freon as a coolant. Freon is known to have a harmful effect on the Ozone layer, and it is no longer manufactured in the United States or imported from overseas. It will be very expensive to completely replace Freon if you have a bad leak. It may be more cost-efficient (and environmentally friendly) to have a new install, but more of that later.

Better cooling effect – after the service you will notice an improvement in the cooling output of your air conditioner, improving the working conditions in your home and office. It has been shown that workers in an overheated office are a lot less productive and more likely to take time off for illness. So, if you want a happy workforce, have your air conditioner regularly serviced.

Recent events have placed a great strain on everyone’s budget, and we are all looking for ways to cut back. Many people will consider giving the annual service a miss, but we at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air think this would be a big mistake. A service represents excellent value when compared to the cost of an emergency callout and air conditioning repair. A service from one of our highly trained technicians will give you added peace of mind, that your unit is not only running smoothly but is less likely to break down and need an expensive and inconvenient air conditioning repair.

Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Repair?

Even having an air conditioner regularly serviced is no guarantee that it will not break down and need an air conditioning repair. But, by keeping alert for the following warning signs you may be able to take remedial action and avoid an expensive air conditioning repair.

Increased Energy Bills

Energy costs have been on the rise recently, and you will expect an increase in running costs during the summer because you will be using your air conditioner more often and for longer. But if your energy bills go up more than you expect, there could be a problem with your unit. A less efficient unit will use more energy and will be more likely to need an air conditioning repair.

You Notice Short-Cycling

If you start to notice that the compressor is switching itself on and off more frequently, you could be experiencing short cycling and this needs to be addressed quickly. A typical air conditioner has a cooling cycle of about twenty minutes, during which time the compressor is switched on for about ten minutes and then off for a further ten. This ensures efficient cooling of your home or office. Short-cycling can be caused by several factors, ranging from dirty air filters to low levels of coolant. These issues will normally be dealt with during the service, but if you experience short-cycling and take no action the most likely outcome is your compressor will break down and need replacing during an air conditioning repair.

You Notice Frost and Ice Building on the Evaporator Coils

Without enough heat supplied by the warm air from inside your home, frost will start to form on the evaporator coils. Unless you act the evaporator coils will eventually freeze, and your air conditioner will shut down. This is not something that you want happening on a hot humid day in Cypress, TX. You may have to wait up to 24-hours for the coils to thaw out completely before you can safely turn your unit back on. As the coils start to freeze you will notice that your air conditioner starts to produce less and less cool air. If you allow the evaporator coils to repeatedly freeze you run the risk that they will break down completely and need an air conditioning repair from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

There are several reasons why frost and ice begin to form on the evaporator coils, and these include dirty air filters, low levels of coolant, or faulty fans. Even the ice layer itself creates its own problems. As anyone who has built an igloo will tell you, ice is a very good insulator of heat. Its presence will reduce the rate at which heat is removed from the warm air to the coolant inside the coils. This further increases the build-up of frost and ice on the coils.

Less Cooling Coming from Your Air Conditioner

A problem with any part of your air conditioner will cause less cool air to leave your unit. When you start to notice any reduction of cool air you should call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air before you need an emergency air conditioning repair.

Increased Humidity Levels

It is a law of physics that cooler air carries less moisture than warm air. Once the cooling effect is reduced your home will feel warmer. Because it is warmer the air will carry more moisture and it will feel more humid.

Faulty Fans

A fan is vital in extracting warm air from your home and blowing it over the evaporator coils. A problem with the fan will restrict the airflow over the coils and reduce its effectiveness. Any grinding or squealing sounds usually show that you have a worn-out fan belt or bearings. A loud banging sound can be a sign of a loose or bent blade hitting the inside of your unit.

Strange sounds coming from your unit are never a good sign and you likely need an air conditioning repair. You should call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air straight away once you hear any strange noises.

You Notice Puddles of Water around your Air Conditioner

Any water around your unit could be due to a loose water hose connection, or a blocked AC drain line. Any water inside your unit could cause an electrical short and its presence means you need an air conditioning repair.

Blocked AC Drain Line

Once the warm air is cooled, any moisture in it condenses into water and is collected in the drain pan. This water then flows outside your home through the AC drain line. The increased amount of moisture encourages the growth of moss and algae in the pan and AC drain line, which may cause a blockage. Water will overflow the pan and potentially damage your air conditioner before falling onto your floor. Dirt and leaves outside in your yard can block the AC drain line and could cause your unit to shut down, so these need to be cleaned away in Cypress, TX,

Father Time Is Catching Up with Your Air Conditioner

Eventually, your old air conditioner will need replacing. As it gets older it costs more to run, produces less cool air, and needs more repairs as the components wear out. It may be more cost-effective to have a new install.

A new air conditioner is not going to be cheap, but you will recover your initial costs over time, because a new model is more energy-efficient, reducing your energy bills. If you are thinking of having a new install then please call us. Our Cypress location will help you in selecting and then installing the right-sized unit for your needs and budget.

A Trusted and Dependable Air Conditioning Company in Cypress, TX

We have been serving the community of Cypress, TX for many years, and we realize how important it is to offer a prompt air conditioning repair service. If your air conditioner breaks down, please call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air straight away. We will have your unit back up and running ASAP.

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