The Checklist for HVAC Electrical Safety | Heating and AC in Katy, TX

The Checklist for HVAC Electrical Safety | Heating and AC in Katy, TX

Our modern lives depend on electricity. It is so ubiquitous that one doesn’t think about it that much. We just plug-in and voila, we have access to power. The problem, however, is that we’re so used to this that we have forgotten about the hazards that revolve around electricity and have no clue about the safety precautions.

In the US alone, there have been 51,000 incidents because of electricity which constituted to 1400 injuries and 500 deaths. Other than this, these hazards also brought forward $1.3 billion in terms of property damages caused by electrical fires. Even though this may happen due to a number of reasons, one very common reason is the HVAC systems in homes. If these systems of heating and AC in Katy, TX stop working efficiently, then they become highly likely to cause accidents.

These accidents caused by heating and AC in Katy, TX are the prime reasons why we’re going forward with this article. Even though having a system of heating and AC in Katy, TX can be classified as a need, the safety of your family and home should be your top priority. So let’s have a look at how you can follow our checklist of electrical safety.

Schedule Maintenances for Heating and AC Systems in Katy, TX

We advise that you have your heating and AC systems in Katy, TX planned for maintenance in early spring or early fall. If you do so, then you won’t have any surprise breakdowns or malfunctions waiting to happen. Other than preventing electrical problems, this can also ensure that no dangerous refrigerant or carbon monoxide leaks occur in your household. These professional heating and AC inspections in Katy, TX can include:

  • Tightening connections of electrical wirings
  • Checking for the proper installation of the electrical disconnect box
  • Inspecting for exposed electrical wiring
  • Inspecting and testing for pitted or burned contacts
  • Inspecting blow motors or fans
  • Testing and inspecting capacitors
  • Cleaning of the entire system
  • Recommendation of safety and efficiency
  • Testing Carbon Monoxide and smoke alarms

CO and smoke alarms can save lives – whether you believe it or not. ESFI identified that 65% of the deaths caused by the fire was because of malfunctioning smoke detectors. This is why you should always make sure CO detectors are installed wherever you have heating and AC fixtures in Katy, TX, especially in sleeping areas.

Other than this, you should replace the batteries of these smoke alarms at least once a year and test the alarms every month. If your smoke alarms are 10 or more years old, then you should definitely consider replacing them!

Teach Your Children About HVAC and Electrical Danger

We believe that children should be taught how to play around electrical, heating and cooling equipment. If you haven’t already done this, then it’s probably time to have the talk. Other than letting them know about these dangers, you can also take some precautions on your own. The following are the things that you can do on your own:

  • Inspect your plugs, outlets, switches and electrical cords for potential hazards which can cause electric shocks
  • Never lay down extension cards in doorways, under carpets or in any areas which have high traffic
  • Purchase and install TRR’s (Tamper Proof Receptacles) instead of little outlet covers. You should also teach your children never to stick things into power sockets
  • All electrical appliances should be kept out of the reach of children – preferably somewhere high
  • Do not overload the outlets in your home and if you need more outlets or power, heed the advice of your electrician
  • Teach your child to play away from electrical substations – contact professionals for support if their toy or pet gets inside these
  • When you’re about to remove a plug from its outlet you should never yank at its wire – grasp the plug and pull instead
  • Teach your children to keep water away from electrical appliances or sockets because most of the electrical accidents happen here
  • All your heating and ac fixtures in Katy, TX should be child-free zones – any open fire and equipment should be marked off as dangerous for children in households

Safety Around Heating Equipment

Anything that is flammable or easily burns should be kept quite far away from heating equipment which includes portable space heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces. On a similar note, clothes shouldn’t be draped or dried in front of these heaters – especially if they are wet. This is because this equipment needs ventilation so that they don’t overheat. If they do heat up though, combustion gases could leak inside which could cause a dangerous fire.

You should also be careful not to plug your portable space heaters in areas of your home that have high traffic. Don’t plug them directly into power sockets, because this poses the threat of causing a tripping hazard.

Space heaters, however, should be plugged directly into power outlets and shouldn’t use the buffers of extension cords or a power strip. Other than this, make sure you don’t plug other devices in the outlet where a space heater has already been connected.

At Cypress Heating and Air, we want your family and home to be safe from all HVAC and electrical dangers. The best thing you can do ensure your safety is to plan for professional maintenance appointments at least twice a year. Not only will your safety be ensured, but your heating and AC fixtures in Katy, TX will also have a longer effective cycle.

Cypress Heating and Air

These are just few of the consideration that you should be mindful for a hazard-free environment of heating and AC in Katy, TX in your homes.This brings us to the end of the lesson for today. If you have a different issue, or just need us to expand on one of these considerations, you can go ahead and call us on 972-278-3506, or visit our website.