The Don’ts When Dealing with Your AC Unit | Tips from Your Katy, TX Air Conditioning Service Company

The Don’ts When Dealing with Your AC Unit | Tips from Your Katy, TX Air Conditioning Service Company

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The scorching summers in Katy, TX can get truly unbearable at times. We’re sure you don’t want your heating and AC unit betraying you at that moment. Finding yourself in this situation could be completely disappointing. So it’s normal for you to be worried about your AC not cooling or the high electricity bills.

But worry no more! We’re here to guide you through so you can enjoy a pleasant summer at your place. With the help of frequent air conditioning service and avoiding these mistakes, you can chill out this summer.

The AC Unit is Not the Right Size for the Room

It isn’t necessary that if an air conditioner is unable to cool down the room properly, it’s due to a problem. At times, the mistake has already been committed even before you called the air conditioner installationcompany. Every air conditioner unit is designed keeping in mind a certain amount of air space. If the room is too small or too big for the unit, it won’t be able to work effectively.

The window air conditioner units come with a British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating that normally ranges from 5000 to 15000. As a general rule, remember that for each square foot of the room space you require 20 BTU, additional 600 BTU for each person that usually inhibits the room. In case the room gets plenty of sunshine or has high ceilings, etc, you need to get raise the units BTU by an extra 10 percent.

If you’re thinking of getting a system that’s bigger, it won’t be such a good idea. The issue is that even though an outsized unit would pump out plenty of cool air, but it would in turn make the room humid as you won’t have to keep it on for a long time. The room might feel stuffy and hotter than it really as because of the humidity.

You Keep Delaying to Change the AC Filter

Your room might seem very nice and tidy to you, but you can easily miss out the particles moving around in the air. When your air conditioning unit is operational, these particles get sucked in and get accumulated. That’s why all the AC units come with particle filters that stop these particles from messing up with the internal system.

If you want your AC to work efficiently, you must make sure that the filter is clean and clear at all times. As particles get deposited, they hinder the airflow, due to which the unit has to put in more effort to pull in the same level of air. With an unclean filter you’d find your electricity bill increased by almost 15 percent.

You’re advised to get the filter replaced by any air conditioning service no later than once a month, it your AC is functional throughout the day each day. Otherwise changing the filter once after a three month period would do if your usage isn’t that frequent. You can rinse and clean the filters with water if your unit has removable filters. If not, get hold of replacement filters as per the requirement.

You Don’t Clean Up in Between the Seasons

It’s quite normal for condensation to form inside the AC as a result of daily operation. The newer and carefully thought-out models are built in such a manner that they can clear out the condensation before it develops into a major problem. This is why the older window ACs keeps dripping continuously.

If the air conditioner is working fine you don’t need to get bothered, as the condensation would run off and drip out by itself. However, if there’s a problem, you’d find the condensation pooling up. This serves as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. You shouldn’t ignore this issue and get hold of one of the air conditioning service as soon as possible.

These mold and bacteria can become airborne as the air conditioner operates by letting out cool air in the room. It can expose you to several health risks, such as pneumonia, black mold invasion, asthma and maybe Legionnaire’s disease.

That’s why it’s essential that you hire an air conditioning service in the Katy, TX area for cleaning and maintenance before the beginning of each summer and winter seasons.

You Continue to Ignore AC Maintenance

The secret to a long-lasting air conditioning unit is routine maintenance. With regular maintenance you’d be able to keep the machine running in mint condition. This would limit the energy usage as the unit would cool the room at a faster rate and in a more efficient manner.

You can let it go if your pocket doesn’t allow you to get it checked on an annual basis. But in case you notice things going wrong with it, it won’t be a good plan to continue ignoring them.

Whether you hear weird noises, such as internal dripping or grinding or are experiencing an unusual smell in the room, you need to get an inspection done. Even when you notice black growths or a liquid leaking, it’s best to get it checked by an air conditioning service.

You’d be better off by hiring an air conditioning service company the in the Katy, TX area and getting the issue checked and resolved sooner. It’ll cost you much less than getting a brand new unit installed once the old one breaks down.


By now, you must’ve understood that you not only need to get the right sized AC unit by also keep it well maintained. So, don’t forget to schedule your maintenance with Cypress Heating and Air for the best and most efficient heating and air conditioning service in the Katy, TX area, before the heating season arrives.