The Most Common Problems with Heating Units | Heating and AC Repair in Cypress, TX

The Most Common Problems with Heating Units | Heating and AC Repair in Cypress, TX

Heating units are appliances that people use all the time in the cold of winter to keep a warm and comfortable indoor environment. Whether it’s a furnace, a geothermal heating unit, a heater or a water operated heating system, there’s always something in the home that is used to heat up the family when it’s a little too cold outside. However, because heating units are used so much, they’re bound to have a few problems now and again, and they’re most the same kind of problems occurring because no one gives a hoot about the heating units when they’re working right. It’s only when they break down that people think of Heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX.

Here are some of the most common problems that occur in heating units.

Cracked Heat Exchangers

This is the main part that the heating unit uses to exchange heat with the fluid that is cycling inside the heating unit. As far as Heating and AC in Cypress, TX, goes there is nothing more important than a heat exchanger for a heating unit. If that breaks, it reduces the surface area for exchange of heat, throws the entire system in to disarray and greatly reduces the efficiency of your heating unit. Hence, it’s better to have it looked at and maintained regularly.

 Dirty Filters

Air is exchanged in every appliance for Heating and AC in Cypress, TX and that’s why the heating units require regular servicing every year. Without it, the filters would just fill up with dust and not function properly. And you certainly don’t want a dusty home. Excess dust in filters contributes to the steady deterioration of the heating unit and beefs up energy costs.

 Slipped or Frayed Blower Belt

If there is a high-pitched squeal coming from within your heating unit, be sure that the blower belt has slipped or frayed. This can happen because of regular wear and tear and operation of the heating unit without any maintenance or care. It’s a regular occurrence with Heating and AC in Cypress, TX.

 Faulty Ignition

This makes it very hard to heat a home, and especially a commercial space. A heating unit simply cannot function properly without an electric ignition. Thermocouple problems, drafts or clogs in the appliance can also cause a faulty pilot light. This also reduces the heat getting in to your home, essentially rendering the entire operation of heating moot.

Broken Thermostat

Now this is the control of any appliance related to Heating and AC in Cypress, TX. It is used to regulate the temperature of the home and in some cases, commercial buildings. If this fails, then it’s very possible that the building could become unpredictably hot or cold at odd intervals.

Flickering Pilot Light

This is usually caused by an excess of Carbon Monoxide in the filters. Now the pilot light may turn yellow or flicker if this happens and it’s a concerning sign because Carbon Monoxide is, unlike Carbon Dioxide, a poisonous gas that bonds more readily with the blood than oxygen does. In effect, it flushes the oxygen out of your system and kills you through deprivation. Get it checked by the Heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX as quickly as possible.

Worn out Ball Bearings

If you hear a scraping sound in your heating unit, you should know that it might mean worn out ball bearings. This can cause damage to your heating unit bit by bit, month by month, hence it’s best not to take any chances and call the experienced professionals from Heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX to take a look at it.

Overuse and Cycling

If you’re one of those people that just need the temperature at the right degree and you keep turning your heating unit on and off, you should stop that. It’s better to get a thermostat and control the temperature. If you keep cycling through the on and off positions, the system will likely suffer lasting damage. Any system that cycles between two extremes continuously will suffer lasting damage. So make the right choice and use the appliance responsibly so that it lasts long and you get the best return on your investment.

Mechanical Problems

If there are continuous loud noises emanating from your heating unit, you should know that some mechanical problems are plaguing it. These may be symptomatic of airflow reductions, burners that are clogged, and an overall system that is deteriorating and is in need of Heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX.

Tips for Regular Maintenance

If you follow some of these tips and regularly maintain your heating unit, you may find that you run in to the aforementioned problems with much less frequency.

Change Air Filters

This is the one area of the heating unit that gets the full brunt of all the air coming in to it. It filters out the contaminants, pollutants and dust that could all be carried in. Hence, it’s very important to replace it or at least have it cleaned out once a year.

Monitor the Thermostat

Thermostats can be considered broken if they can’t get the temperature up or down as quickly as you want or at all. However, the problem can usually be fixed by changing out the batteries. Sometimes the problem goes deeper and you have to call Heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX to get a new one.

Check the Gas Feed

If you think the propane or butane gas feed is malfunctioning and the gas pressure regulator is broken, you should turn off the heating unit and call a professional immediately, lest something worse happens. Gas leaks are not to be taken lightly at all.

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