Thermostat | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

Thermostat | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

Thermostat | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

A thermostat maintains your home’scomfort, and assists in controlling energy usage, by managing when the unit willrun and shut off. Having the right thermostat maximizes its efficiency andperformance. The selection will depend on the type of heating and airconditioning in Katy, TX installed, and the features you need.

Identifying the Heating and Cooling System Type

Before selecting a thermostat, ensure it iscompatible with the home’s heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX. Ifyou feel uncertain, a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning technician can provideassistance, and a professional installation ensuring its proper function.

Selecting the Thermostat Type

The following provides a brief overview ofeach type of thermostat. Contact our certified HVAC technicians forfurther information.

Learning Thermostats

A learning thermostat is programmable,although it learns based on the selected preferences. They can adjust thethermostat when family members are away, guide you to energy-efficient settings,provide an alert for a dirty filter or system service, and provide monthlyenergy reports. They connect to the home’s Wi-Fi network and can be monitored,set and managed remotely from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Remote Management

Remote management means the ability to set,program and monitor your heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX froma computer, smartphone, or tablet. The thermostat connects through a hub to thehome network, allowing access via Wi-Fi from anywhere.

Programmable Thermostat

The HVACsystem relies on the thermostat to control its operation, and is only asprecise as the equipment controlling it. Programmablethermostats enable the setting of different temperatures for differenttimes of day. That means not getting out of bed when you forget to adjust thetemperature, or using unnecessary energy when you forget to adjust it beforeleaving in the morning.

A programmable thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature accordingto the schedule and settings you have programmed. Once programmed, it controlsthe heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX. By eliminating forgottentemperature adjustments, and providing consistency in temperature control,saving money with lower energy bills.

Digital Thermostat

A digital thermostat provides an excellent option for people whoprefer manually controlled settings for their home’s heating and airconditioning in Katy, TX. The digital offers the convenience of an LCDdisplay, and the accuracy of digital technology.


With a manual thermostat, you control the temperature setting manually.The manual provides a solution for those who are home often and prefer not toadjust the temperature often.

Available Types


The 7-day thermostat allows the programming of up to four temperatureadjustments for each day. The 7-day provides an ideal option for those withbusy schedules.

5-1-1 Day

This selection enables you to program up to four temperature adjustments duringthe weekdays, and different settings for Saturday and Sunday. The 5-1-1 optionaccommodates the schedule of those who work a routine Monday through Friday schedule,and prefer flexibility for the weekend.

5-2 Day

This option allows up to four temperature settings for the weekdays and allowsa different schedule for the weekend.

1 Week

This option provides programming for the entire week.

The idealthermostat for your home’s heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX is the one that you are comfortable using, and that provides the levelof control you want, while being compatible with the home’s heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX.

CypressHeating and Air Conditioning technicians canprovide assistance in the decision for an ideal thermostat to suit your needs and HVAC system. Our certified HVAC technicians provide thermostat replacement, andinstallation with new systems. Our professionals will ensure a proper thermostat installation, providing thegreatest energy efficiency possible. Furthermore, we will provide the instructionneeded to ensure you understand how to operate it, providing the greatest possiblebenefit out of the HVAC system.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningoffers experienced, and certified professional HVAC technicians for your heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX needs. As a Carrier dealer, ourtechnicians are not only required to be competent in the HVAC field, but alsoto excel in the HVAC industry demonstrating professional expertise. We install,replace, repair, and provide maintenance to quality Carrier HVAC equipment, andall other brands. Contact us to schedule thermostatservices and other heating and airconditioning needs. We offer 24-hour HVAC services for emergency’s, andpartner with Wells Fargo for financing your immediate needs. Cypress Heatingand Air Conditioning professionals are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating,and serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas.